View Full Version : Weird and terrible lag

10-31-2015, 09:32 PM
I'm sitting in an AS instance, unable to zone out (clicking the door does nothing) can't talk in chat, but can see people in guild logging in and out. Invited an alt to group and after 4 tries, the invite showed, but accepting it did nothing. While typing this, the toon in the instance was booted to character select, while the toon in Mara is still standing there, and I can interact with npc's in the area. How very odd.<br /> <br />Edit: Couldn't log back in on the toon stuck in the instance, it just hangs on "entering world". The toon in Mara I started the crafting quest line and in the middle of mining the ore from the elementals next to the npc, I was booted and got the "trying server #1..." etc.