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10-29-2015, 02:56 PM
Okay, so all my toons (2 created, 3 copied) are gone from the character select screen for the beta server. No big deal. I get the screen to create a character. Again, no big deal. I create another character (just so I can log in on beta). I finish with the creation and try to get into the game. My screen hangs for about 3 minute on zone info and then the create a character screen pops back up on my window. This happened 3 times this morning starting at 6:00am PST. I don't know for sure if the fact that my server is one of the 3 being moved to Halls of Fate or not. I didn't think it would actually have any effect on the beta server, but now I'm not so sure. Guess I'll wait until all the maintenance and consolidations are done and try again on Beta.

10-29-2015, 03:04 PM
Same problem here, all toons gone and creation a a new toon succed (as the name is now reserved), but unable to go in game, or see the new toons.<br />will try with custom UI disabled.<br /> <br />custom UI disabled, no more luck.<br /> <br />if it helps, the game hang a long time on 'creating entities'.

10-29-2015, 03:43 PM
The wife and I decided to try the beta. Same thing, both of us get stuck on 'creating entities,' then it goes back to character creation, instead of char select. When we try again is says that character name is taken, tried a new name and same results - it loops back to char creation, not char select.

10-30-2015, 01:02 AM
Okay, consolidation move completed. Beta copies are back and success on getting all the way into the beta server. So I'm going to stick my neck out and "assume" that the issues I was having with getting into beta was due to my characters being moved to the new server via consolidation.

10-30-2015, 08:08 AM
Beta is having a smidge of an issue of late <img src="/images/smilies/smile.gif" alt="Smile" /> Send it some chicken soup and try again later!