View Full Version : Beta Rewards

10-29-2015, 09:41 AM
How do you expect us to earn the rewards if the beta server is unavailable. Are we going to have an extension of time to complete. It seems like every other day it is down. then when it is up things are wonky.

10-29-2015, 10:41 AM
Hi Edioss,<br /><br />While I appreciate your frustration, try to be patient and pardon their progress. Beta is turbulent time, and we can expect a lot of things to change often, which require server patches and restarts. <i>This is normal</i>, and will ensure that we have a better experience when things go live.<br /><br />Just do your best to complete the quests, and if you get stuck, there are a lot helpful players out there who might be able to lend a hand if you approach them in a polite and friendly manner!

10-29-2015, 12:11 PM
They set a time to complete this to get the reward. For every day we can't login to the servers they need to subtract the requirements for the reward. It is not our fault we cannot login to the server and do the quests, it is DBs.

10-29-2015, 12:15 PM
The new Jimmie jam drops November 17th ... So