View Full Version : Beta Update Notes: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10-27-2015, 02:19 AM
QUESTS<br /><ul><li>Eggcelent Population - All of the possible spawn points for the leadfcutter eggs are now above the geo.</li><li>Eggcelent Population - Harvesting umbral leafhopper eggs is now a group update.</li><li>Pet the Puppy - Bhardain is back at his location to receive his pup.</li><li>Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt's Defenders - Undertook sentry upgrade plans respawn much faster.</li><li>Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt's Defenders - Quest now recognizes the death of the X-O Arachmech.</li><li>Goals in the Shoals - chitin terror eggs respawn faster.</li><li>Dismantle Ten Rats - Obtaining mini-thaumaturgical cylinders is now a group update.</li><li>Mighty Magimorphic Ore - Obtaining slickstone ore is now a group update.</li><li>The Song of Life - lashing petalcreepers now have quest icon.</li><li>Doin' it for the Schematics - Obtaining compact hydraulic pumps is now a group update.</li><li>Doin' it for the Schematics - Obtaining reinforced arcannium plates is now a group update.</li><li>Umbrite Locked Tight - Umbrite vault is only present in "Maldura: District of Ash [Heroic]" as intended.</li></ul>TRADESKILL<br /><ul><li>Assay of Origin quest text now correctly asks for cadmium ore.</li><li>The Embossed Maldura Stool is now sized appropriately to dwarf posteriors.</li><li>If you delete the quest “Researching a Solution”, the library notes you’ve picked up will also be deleted.</li><li>A bookcase, denim backpack, and drapery recipe have been added to carpenter books (it may take an additional update before the house items themselves become visible).</li><li>Runed Mystic Loot Sack now actually makes a Runed Mystic Loot Sack.</li><li>Weapon Delay Modifier recipes now actually make Weapon Delay Modifiers.</li><li>The recipes for Splitiron and Glittervein Platemail armor are now correctly named.</li><li>Petrified lumber will now work correctly in recipes.</li><li>You can no longer enter the roekillik den before you have the illusion potion.</li><li>Refined rares are now called “purified”.</li><li>Provisioner harvests are now more plentiful in Thalumbra.</li><li>It should no longer be possible to talk to Dror about “Ore of Yore” before completing Cylianna’s assay quest.</li><li>Some armorer recipes were using the engraved desk instead of the forge; these should now all be correctly using the forge. If you spot any others requiring a desk, please post the recipe names in the tradeskill forum.</li><li>The bandages for “Healing for Maldura” are now made at a loom rather than a chemistry table</li></ul>MISC<br /><ul><li>Kilroys (markable objects) can now be found in Thalumbra!</li></ul>