View Full Version : DAY 1 TRADESKILL BUGS

10-20-2015, 05:56 PM
Unfortunately, the best laid plans and all ... while the tradeskill questline is ready to go, one of the quest zones is not yet available on beta. <img src="/images/smilies/frown.gif" alt="Frown" /> So, you can start the questline and get part way into it (up to the last step of "Underfoot Defender"), but you'll be unable to enter the Roekillik Den until the next beta update which will add the zone. We currently expect this to be tomorrow morning (Wednesday 21st).<br /> <br />By all means test out the first part of the quests, but in order to get to Thalumbra and Maldura today, you'll have to go via the adventuring route. If you do so, feel free to check out the harvesting, admire the new zones, and pick up the tradeskill collections in the mean time however!