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10-16-2015, 12:33 AM
<span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Starting out!</b></span><br /> <br />If you are tradeskill level 100, you should receive an in-game mail directing you to the Village of Shin, where you’ll find Captain Ethan ready to request your assistance. (You can go talk to him even if you haven’t received the mail yet – but you do need to be tradeskill level 100.) The signature quest will lead you into almost all the other quests and side quests, and will introduce you to the new expansion and some of the story behind it. You will want to do at least enough quests to meet Brytthel, because you'll initially start KOS faction to the Maldura guards until you earn her trust (unless you are also earning your way in through adventuring).<br /> <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Harvests</b></span><br /> <br />Yes, there are new harvests out there waiting to be gathered up. Thalumbra has some entirely different ores and other materials down in those dark depths. There are harvest nodes in the parts of Thalumbra closest to Maldura, but more will be added during beta to areas such as the Luminous Peaks. The beta buffer will also give you a pack pony to help with the harvests. Look for the following:<br /> <br />Common<br /><ul><li>ore: splitiron ore</li><li>soft metal: bornite nodule</li><li>gem: umbrite</li><li>leather: abyssal pelt</li><li>root: thalumbral root</li><li>wood: malduran lumber</li><li>food: mycelial tendrils, wild tempeh, fruiting sporangium, fruticose lichen</li><li>fish: umbral trout, abyssal angler</li></ul>Rare<br /><ul><li>ore: glittervein ore</li><li>soft metal: arcannium</li><li>gem: lumicite</li><li>leather: umbral pelt</li><li>root: deepstone root</li><li>wood: petrified lumber</li></ul><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Quests</b></span><br /><ul><li>"What Lies Beneath" (Captain Ethan Dariani) -- signature quest</li><li>"Assay of Origin" (Captain Ethan Dariani)</li><li>"Ore of Yore" (Dror)</li><li>"More Ore of Yore" (Einva)</li><li>"Underfoot Defender" (Duality)</li><li>"Subtunarian Subterfuge" (Duality)</li><li>"Into the Unknown" (Duality)</li><li>"Stranger in Distress" (Brytthel)</li><li>"Menace in the Mine" (Brytthel)</li><li>"Scanning the Seals" (Brumley Langboom)</li><li>"Monitoring the Situation" (Brumley Langboom)</li><li>"Attuning the Portal" (Brumley Langboom)</li><li>"Monitor Malfunction" (Brumley Langboom)</li><li>"Researching a Solution" (Brytthel)</li><li>"Containing the Stone" (Brytthel)</li><li>"Scuttling to Safety" (Charles Q Tinkersmith) - once you've helped Brumley</li><li>"Fire Striker" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)</li><li>"You Only Test Twice" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)</li><li>"The Man with the Tinkered Eye" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)</li><li>"Fuels Are Forever" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)</li><li>"For Your Eyes Only" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)</li><li>"A Cure for Maldura" (Gwynvyn) - daily repeatable - once you've finished with Brytthel</li><li>"Arming Maldura" (Gwynvyn) - daily repeatable</li><li>"Healing for Maldura" (Gwynvyn) - daily repeatable</li><li>"Monitoring Maldura" (Gwynvyn) - daily repeatable</li><li>"Malduran Medicine" (Gwynvyn) - daily repeatable</li><li>"Malduran Mouths to Feed" (Gwynvyn) - daily repeatable</li><li>"Malduran Refills" (Gwynvyn) - daily repeatable</li><li>"Restocking the Deepforge Depot" (Gwynvyn) - weekly mission</li></ul><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Tradeskill Writs</b></span><br /> <br />Level 100 tradeskill writs have been added for each class. Since the max level did not actually increase, there is only one new writ per class, but it will give you the option you to craft items from the new recipe books and harvests if you prefer.<br /> <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Tradeskill Collections</b></span><br /> <br />There are two new tradeskill collections to be found, and there are also two collections that can be found in the new expansion’s advanced solo dungeons. These are for level 100 adventurers and reward level 100 adventuring equipment, but they will only be visible to those who are also tradeskillers.<br /> <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Maldura Factions</b></span><br /> <br />The Deepforge Founders is the name of the tradeskill faction within Maldura. There is a tradeskill faction merchant called Thalnor who sells your new recipe books and other goodies. He prices his goods in the Coin of the Grand Artificer, which you'll be earning as you quest.<br /> <br />Completing the tradeskill questline will get you to "amiably" level which is what you need to purchase your "normal" class books. (You'll also have enough coins from the questline to purchase these right away.) However, as you earn higher faction levels there are a few more recipes and rewards that will become available, also for coin. More coin (and faction) can be earned through the repeatable quests that Gwynvyn offers.<br /> <br />You also earn faction with the Shields of Maldura (the guards) while doing some of the tradeskill quests. This will stop you from being KOS and will make the general merchants trust you enough to sell to you, but it doesn't have any significant use otherwise.<br /> <br />There are also two other merchants in Maldura, Redthel and Gemma, who sell goodies (mainly house items/pets) for Coin of the Grand Artificer as well as for the coin the adventurers earn, Coin of the Eternal Queen.<br /> <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Agnostic Dungeon Upgrades</b></span><br /> <br />Crafters of any level will also find the Far Seas Trading Company faction merchant, Koros Splinterlimb, is selling some new books that allow you to craft upgrades for new equipment found in the level agnostic dungeons. These recipe books also drop, so you don’t need to purchase them from Koros, but if you don’t want to wait for the drops or have some extra Far Seas tokens to spare, Koros will be happy to lighten your purse.<br /> <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>General</b></span><br /> <br />There are beta buffers in the Village of Shin, and in Maldura near the great Forge of Brell. They don't initially give Coin of the Artificer as I'd like feedback on whether you earn it too fast/slow, but later in beta this could be added if it seems useful.<br /> <br />I'll start separate threads for feedback on specific things, and feel free to start your own if you want to talk about something different!<br /> <br />Thanks for joining in the Terrors of Thalumbra beta and helping to test out tradeskills! <img src="/images/smilies/smile.gif" alt="Smile" />

Niami DenMother
10-20-2015, 09:43 PM
<div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeQuote" data-author="Domino"> <aside> <div class="attribution type">Domino said: <a href="index.php?goto/post&id=6266768#post-6266768" class="AttributionLink">↑</a> </div> <blockquote><span class="ae_quote_symbol">“</span><span class="ae_quote_content"><span style="text-decoration: underline"><b>Tradeskill Collections</b></span><br /> <br />There are two new tradeskill collections to be found, and there are also two collections that can be found in the new expansion’s advanced solo dungeons. These are for level 100 adventurers and reward level 100 adventuring equipment, but they will only be visible to those who are also tradeskillers.</span><span class="ae_quote_symbol">”</span></blockquote> </aside></div> <br />Just to clarify - these do or do not require the earring of the solstice, like other tradeskill collections? (I ask because at last check, we still can't copy over to beta, so won't have our earrings right away. (I checked a bit over an hour ago on AB)

10-20-2015, 09:53 PM
you can get an earring from the crafting beta buffer.

10-20-2015, 10:56 PM
Are we considering the new nodes to be T12, or are they still T11? At the moment we currently refer to TS stuff as 90-95=T10, 86-100=T11...

10-21-2015, 07:39 PM
So...why no rare food?

10-21-2015, 09:28 PM
Please use the threads below to report bugs.

10-22-2015, 08:17 AM
So, what's the plan for tradeskill aprentices?<br />will they give the new tier ressources or will they stick to the T11 ones?

10-22-2015, 08:39 AM
Quest: Monitoring the Situation<br />First line is missing description text [DEVL] INVALID - No progress texts specified<br />-Create 5 Tinkered Monitoring Device