View Full Version : New Gear

11-01-2014, 11:43 PM
Considering a 5 level increase, the new gear is not much better than current gear, aside from Stamina and Resists/Mitigation. I enjoy getting new gear, so I would actually be fine with having to replace top-end raid gear with even heroic gear (I know a lot of raiders hate that). But it would actually give us a reason and desire to run the new heroics. If we were able to just jump into new raids without even touching heroics, each expansion probably wouldn't last very long and I'd bet people would complain about not enough content (shocking since you skipped half of it). Although it looks like we may have to replace our gear anyway for the survivability, so might as well get a noticeable power boost to make us feel better about having to replace old gear that we spent the whole last expansion getting. Of course we will notice a power boost with the new criticals and prestige, but we would see that even without any new gear. <br /> <br />At the very least, the new gear could have quite a bit more crit chance (and even slots that didn't have it before could have a little); some of the slots like charms and necks don't even give more crit chance than previous gear. I do not know what the curve looks like for the new criticals, but that would be nice to see as well. If adding new crit would give us more critical power than intended, then that curve may have to be adjusted, but at least new gear would have more potential than previous gear.