View Full Version : Mages, Balance and Prestige

10-06-2014, 10:45 PM
Greetings Mages!<br /> <br />Welcome to the Altar of Malice Beta and thank you for taking the time to test with us.<br /> <br />Please use this forum to discuss mage balance concerns and the new prestige abilities.<br /> <br />The Prestige Abilities are set up as such:<br /><ul><li>Starter Ability: These are one new ability per class (sorcerer, enchanter, summoner.) These abilities are meant to provide sorcerers with a little more utility, summoners with a little more pet control and enchanters with an extra Area of Effect attack. You can spend a total of <b>1</b> point in this ability and it only has one rank.</li><li>Row 2: These abilities are shared across all of the classes and grant passive increases to your stats. These work at the same time as similar effects, so they will stack in an additive manner instead of a multiplicative manner. You can spend a total of <b>8 </b>points per ability. These unlock when purchasing the Starter Ability.</li><li>Row 3: These abilities are shared across all of the classes and require you to be using abilities. They suspend if the caster is not using their skills. They grant more increases to your stats in slightly different manners than the previous one. You can spend a total of <b>2</b> points in these abilities and they only have one rank. You must spend a total of 5 points in the ability above it to unlock these abilities.</li><li>Row 4: These abilities are your endlines. The right one is shared by all mages while the left one is shared by your class. You must spend <b>2 </b>points to buy these endlines and they require a total of 20 points spent within the tree.</li></ul>The prestige tree is not intended to be a massive increase to player power, but it should be noticeable.<br /> <br />Again, thanks for testing and welcome to beta!<br /> <br />-Xelgad