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12-11-2004, 02:01 AM
Voici un message publie sur un autre forum . En gros on pourra vendre en faisant des tradeskill dans une des zones d'artisan mais pas quand nous ne sommes pas connecte. Il vont laisser les task etre choisi par le npc car les joueurs prendrais toujours la plus facile si choisis par une liste et il font les reboot sur l'heure la moins occuppe du serveur. 1. Let us sell while in crafter modeWe are going to be adding the ability to be in a sort of vendor mode while you are in the tradeskill workshops. This will allow you to have your goods listed in the city markets while you are working.2. Let us sell offline (charge us a percentage via broker -- like the buyers pay -- if you must)We have no plans to implement offline vending.3. Give us better rewards for tasks We are looking at rewards for society tasks to determine if they need adjusting.4. Let us choose from a list of tasksPlayers would always choose the one that would provide the greatest benefit for the least amount of work. We don't really plan to add a selection box.5. Let us sell items to merchants -- even if it's even or slightly lower than what we paid. (Taking this away, even temporarily, is punishing the masses who weren't misbehaving. Better to reward those folks, and fix it so the few can no longer cheat, aye? Do it on TEST then bring it live. Not the other way around )We have already said that this is a temporary solution. This change was not made to prevent a few people from exploiting, but rather because there was a fundamental issue with crafting's place in the economy. I'll try to address this more at length in a subsequent post, although I don't feel it's going to make the people upset about this change more understanding.6. Rethink the entire selling while AFK vs. patch times, please. If that proves impractical, then rethink the whole selling in room restriction (see #1 again)We restart the servers during the lowest population times, which is typically at 7am Pacific. This gives most players their prime time to be actively crafting or adventuring and all night to be in vendor mode. While not necessarily ideal, it does still provide a nice window for staying online as a vendor.