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06-21-2005, 06:10 AM
<div></div>Ok, so E3 is over and the first SOE Fan Faire was a success! Now what does OGR do? Well we aren't going to sit around and do nothing! We have (horn sounds here...) PLANS! TA-DA! LOL. That's right folks, OGR isn't taking a summer vacation like you all wish you could do when you go to your job every day. We have MORE work to do! More things to discuss on air, and on the <a href="http://radio.ogaming.com/forum/" target="_blank">forums!</a>   Topics for this week on OGR's EQ2'sday- <b>EQ2'sdays with DJ's Akira and Monte:</b> - Main General Topic: The Guild System - Special Guest: Valendur (Guk) *Contest: OGR EQ2's-Day will be hosting a contest!* - The prize? "Take Akira's spot as a special guest for 4 weeks in a row!"  Wow! How to sign up for that? Easy! Here: Everybody can enter and every person who enters will have a chance to speak on the show as a pre-recorded entry. The topics spoken about will be selected weekly. The select few we like the most, we will have the authors come onto the air with us and talk with us as special guests to select the final winner. - Main General Topic: Splitpaw Adventure - What has SOE learned from the 1st Adventure pack? Loot discussions from Splitpaw Adv, as well as the pre-order items and whether you think Adventure pack prices will continue to go up.. and more! <b>WtK?!</b> On Thursday nights, we have the WtK?! show with Kelldan, Nareena the Gypsy (that's me!) and Coner Vallore (from Star Trek Online OGaming and Tabula Rasa OGaming). The three of us have our own version of gaming news and mixing in all kinds of chatter and fun. <b>RaveCast</b> On Saturday nights, RaveCast is the loose show about all things gaming related. This is where we laugh about the silly things people do in the "online" world, as well as offline as it pertains to being online! RaveCast is about the ups, downs and in-betweens of MMO gaming. All DJ shows During any live DJ show times, listeners are encouraged to "call in" using <a href="http://www.skype.com" target="_blank">Skype</a> and get to meet our DJ's. So broadband users tune in by clicking the "Listen In" link at OGR, or simply enter <a href="http://radio.ogamingmedia.com/ogr.m3u" target="_blank">OGR URL</a> into your WinAmp or other media player of choice. Our current DJ show line up is: * Tuesday, 3-7pm/10pm-2am: EQ2's Day with Akira & Monte * Thursday, 6-9pm/1am-4am: WtK?! with Kelldan, Coner & Nareena * Saturday, 6:30pm-10:30pm/1:30am-5:30am: RaveCast with Leonai_art & Luxx <i>(Times are Pacific Time/ GMT)</i> If you're an irc user, pop up your irc client and join the Gamesurge.net server and /join #OGaming channel for the listener chat while the show is on, or anytime. If you're not familiar with irc, you can also go to the irc java client and you can quickly be chatting with us, on the Gamesurge server, the OGaming channel. We look forward to seeing you there. WtK, EQ2'sday, RaveCast, or any show. Come listen in and check out the fun!

06-22-2005, 01:43 AM
<div></div>Don't forget to tune in today to Online Gaming Radio's EQ2's-Day! <center><img src="http://radio.ogaming.com/gallery/albums/album03/eq2sday_002.jpg"></center> Because Online Gaming Radio's website is down, here is the link to tune in: <a href="http://radio.ogamingmedia.com/ogr.m3u">Click Here to Tune In!</a> <div></div>