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02-08-2005, 02:13 AM
We know how much it bugs us to wade through searches on a bunch of different sites just to find a map, item or important quest info.We didn't whine about it...well OK we did.. but we also did something about it....Our TenTonHammer Search Tool is now ready for beta testing and we would love to have you help us make it the best EQ2 search tool on the planet!The TTH Search Tool is a little app that you can run and leave going while you are playing EQ2. It doesn't interact with the game in any way. What it does is give you a one shot search box that searches the best EQ2 sites on the Net and returns the links to the information you so desparately need back to you in one easy to read list.You pick the link you like best and it opens the website that created the information in your web browser. Need to find something else? Just search again and the TTH Search will hop out and do the dirty work for you. No need to open multiple sites and do multiple searches!We need your suggestions and comments to tune this tool so it does what you want.You can grab TTH Search at URL: http://download.tentonhammer.com/tthsearch/setup.exeComments and suggestions (as well as site additions) should be sent to [email protected]