View Full Version : Desert of Flames Arrives!

09-14-2005, 01:03 AM
<div></div>The servers are now up with Desert of Flames and Live Update #13! Please see the <a href="http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/eq2/board/message?board.id=stat&message.id=182" target="_blank">Live Update #13 Update Notes</a> for more information. <font color="#ffcc00"><b> *** Desert of Flames ***</b></font>   - The EverQuest II team is pleased to announce the launch of our first expansion pack: Desert of Flames! - Players who purchase the expansion can explore the vast Desert of Ro and the exotic but dangerous bandit city of Maj'Dul. - Discover exciting new quests, hundreds of new items, new abilities for every subclass, and breathtaking challenges all the way up to the new adventure and tradeskill level cap of 60! - Battle against your friends in the arenas of Maj'Dul. You can play as your character, or join in fights with players of any level as an Arena Champion. - Climb walls, use voice emotes to communicate with your friends, and take on epic challenges designed for players level 45 and higher. - Those who purchase Desert of Flames can /claim a djinn bottle for your home that lets you enter your own magical realm where you can listen to storytellers and learn more about the Desert of Ro. If you are currently betraying your city, you will not be able to use the bottle until you've settled into your new home (all the more reason to finish off those last 499 orcs). - Desert of Flames is available in your local retail outlet or via digital download. It can be purchased online at The Station Store: https://store.station.sony.com/ - If you purchase the digital download version of Desert of Flames, all necessary files will be automatically downloaded the next time you launch EverQuest II. - See you soon in the arena! And remember, watch your back in the streets of Maj'Dul! <div></div>