View Full Version : Desert of Flames Beta Registration Now Open!

07-20-2005, 03:23 AM
<P>We are pleased to announce that registration for the Desert of Flames beta is now open! This is your chance to help us test the first EverQuest II expansion pack!</P> <P>Desert of Flames expands the world of Norrath by allowing players to explore the vast Desert of Ro. This expansion is intended for characters level 45 and higher, although we will be accepting some lower-level characters into beta to help test our new player vs. player combat, Arena Champions.</P> <P>To sign up for beta, please make sure you are logged in with the Station account that has a character you'd like to play in the beta test. You can sign in by clicking the "sign in/change user" link at the top of the <A href="http://eq2players.station.sony.com/" target=_blank>EQ2Players.com website</A>, or on the <A href="http://www.station.sony.com/en/" target=_blank>Station.com</A> site.</P> <P>Once you are logged in with the correct Station account, click the link below to take you to our Desert of Flames beta registration page:</P> <P><A href="http://eq2beta.station.sony.com/beta_reg/register.jsp" target=_blank>http://eq2beta.station.sony.com/beta_reg/register.jsp</A></P> <P><STRONG><FONT color=#ffcc00>IMPORTANT: Please make sure you're registering using the Station account with the character you'd like to use in the beta test. We cannot change your beta acceptance from one Station account to another, so please make sure you are signed in correctly.</FONT></STRONG></P> <P>Please read through the Terms of Use, License, and Non-Disclosure Agreement on the registration page. If you agree to the terms listed, click the "I agree to the terms of this agreement" button. Otherwise, click the "Cancel" button.</P> <P>That's all there is to it! Please make sure your e-mail address is up to date by clicking the "Edit" link on the page thanking you for registering. If you are accepted into the Desert of Flames beta, we will notify you by e-mail at the address on file. <STRONG><FONT color=#ffcc00>NOTE: We will ONLY send e-mail to those applicants who are accepted.</FONT></STRONG> The first batch of invitations will be sent out in the next few days, and we will send additional invitations in the future as we bring more players in to test the expansion.</P> <P>If you are accepted into beta, you will receive instructions on how to request that your character be copied to our Desert of Flames beta server, along with details on how to install the beta software. Beta feedback forums will be available for those players accepted into the beta program.</P> <P>Thanks for helping us test EverQuest II: Desert of Flames, which launches on <STRONG><FONT color=#ffcc00>September 12, 2005!</FONT></STRONG></P>