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03-01-2005, 03:10 AM
<DIV><FONT color=#ffcc00><B>The First Adventure Pack for EverQuest II Adds Exciting New Content and Dynamic Storylines</B> </FONT> <P>SAN DIEGO, CA – February 28, 2005 – Sony Online Entertainment Inc. ( SOE ), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming, today announced information on the release of The Bloodline Chronicles , the first Adventure Pack for the hit online fantasy game <A href="http://everquest2.station.sony.com/adventures/bloodline/" target=_blank>EverQuest II</A><A href="http://everquest2.station.sony.com/adventures/bloodline/" target=_blank>: The Bloodline Chronicles</A> gives players countless hours of new content in a rich, story-based realm located beneath the surface of Norrath. The Bloodline Chronicles will be available via digital download beginning March 21, 2005 , for US $4.99, and requires a current subscription to EverQuest II to play. </P> <P>"The Bloodline Chronicles adds some amazing new elements to EverQuest II that could only be done in a major content release, including some exciting new ways to interact with the environment." said Scott Hartsman, senior producer of EverQuest II , Sony Online Entertainment. "With this Adventure Pack, players have the ability to unlock a whole new dynamic storyline in the game based on the alignment of their character." </P> <P>Players who pre-order The Bloodline Chronicles will be granted early access to a special area, known as the D'Morte Burial Chambers. Pre-order customers can be among the first to discover the items inside, uncovering and unlocking mysteries contained within this exciting Adventure Pack. </P> <P>About The Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack </P> <P>The Bloodline Chronicles takes you deep into the mysterious caverns beneath Nektulos Forest to investigate the source of strange happenings in the land of Norrath . Battle the denizens of the underworld to discover the dark secrets of the Tombs of Night – and enter, if you dare, the Crypt of T'Haen to confront the legendary lost lord of the undead. Content in The Bloodline Chronicles is geared towards level 30-45 players, however all players will be given access to one zone, The Tombs of Night, whether or not they choose to purchase the Adventure Pack. The Bloodline Chronicles features: </P> <P>•  Five new areas to explore and conquer, including the Tombs of Night, the Crypt of T'Haen and D'Morte Burial Chambers, when this new story unfolds on March 21, 2005 </P> <P>•  Pre-order customers may receive access to the D'Morte Burial Chambers as early as February 28, 2005 </P> <P>•  The Tombs of Night will be available to all EverQuest II subscribers at no additional charge when the zone is made generally available on March 21, 2005 </P> <P>•  Experience new instances for soloists, large and small groups and raids </P> <P>•  Encounter ferocious new creatures such as Vampires, Hellhounds, Fleshgoyles and Revenants </P> <P>•  Choose to help either the Brotherhood of Night or the Hand of Marr as you embark on dozens of new quests across different storylines for good and evil players alike </P> <P>•  Follow the dynamic storyline as your actions influence the outcome of your progressive adventure </P> <P>•  Find new ways to interact with the environment, including destructible walls that lead to unexplored tombs </P> <P>•  Exclusive themed content, including vampiric magic-based spells and items </P> <P>•  Discover new Neriak items for players of all levels </P> <P>•  Fortune and glory for the 1st raid group on each server to defeat T'Haen The Lost </P> <P>For more information, please visit the official <A href="http://everquest2.station.sony.com/adventures/bloodline/" target=_blank>EverQuest II: The Bloodline Chronicles web site!</A> </P></DIV></B>

03-01-2005, 03:59 AM
<b>What do I have to do in order to gain access to EverQuest II: The Bloodline Chronicles as a Station Access customer?</b>You will be treated as if you preordered the Adventure Pack. You will automatically gain access when you log into EQII.<b>Can I get the Adventure Pack by using a game card? Do I need a credit card in order to purchase this content?</b>At this time, you are required to use a credit card in order to purchase EverQuest II: The Bloodline Chronicles.<b>Where can I preorder the Adventure Pack?</b><a href="https://store.station.sony.com/digitalDistribution/eq2/apack/digitalDistributionList.jsp?listname=EQ2-AVP" target=_blank>https://store.station.sony.com/digitalDistribution/eq2/apack/digitalDistributionList.jsp?listname=EQ2-AVP</a>