View Full Version : Bugged Character Advancement Fix Coming

12-09-2004, 06:18 AM
<DIV>There have been some situations recently in which characters became bugged and unable to advance properly. These are:</DIV> <UL> <LI>Betraying your original city, then talking to the class-giving NPC in your new city and choosing a different class. This would prevent you from properly obtaining your subclass.</LI> <LI>Choosing an artisan class, then talking to the same NPC again and making a different selection. This would prevent you from advancing to your artisan subclass.</LI> <LI>Working on the Orcish Wastes access quest when your journal was full. The quest branched off to a non-hallmark quest that would not be added to the journal and could not be triggered again.</LI></UL> <P>The current method of having these problems addressed is to /petition in game so a customer service representative can schedule a time for one of our designers to manually correct the bugged quests.</P> <P>However, with tomorrow's update we will be adding an automated fix for these issues in game. There will be an object added in each city (the Temple of Life in Qeynos, the Temple of War in Freeport) that players can interact with in order to properly advance once again.</P> <P>Please note that in the cases where two class selections were made, your character will be reset to the <STRONG>first</STRONG> choice. You do not get to choose which selection you want to carry forward.</P> <P>We apologize for the problem and for the delays some of you have experienced in getting this resolved.</P>