View Full Version : IMPORTANT - Beta Testers, Please Read

11-09-2004, 12:12 AM
<P>Before installing the retail version of EverQuest II, please be sure to completely uninstall the beta client from your system. Failing to do so may result in file conflicts and other issues that could interfere with running the game properly.</P> <P>Note: If you have saved any facial customization files, move the saved_customizations folder to a temporary location (such as your desktop) before uninstalling the beta client. After you install the retail version, move the customizations folder into the EverQuest II directory.</P> <P>Please follow the steps below to completely uninstall the EverQuest II beta:</P> <P>1. From the Start menu, go into your Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs, and select EverQuest II Beta. Choose the Remove option. </P> <P>2. Open Windows Explorer (Start menu, Programs, Accessories) and locate the directory where you installed the EverQuest II beta (the default is C:Program FilesSonyEverQuest II Beta). Carefully select the entire beta directory and press the Delete key to begin deleting files. You will receive a warning message asking if you really want to delete the beta directory; confirm that you do. When asked if you want to delete .exe files, click the "Yes to All" button.</P>