View Full Version : New PvP/BG gear

11-08-2012, 11:54 PM
<p>The new T3 pvp/bg gear has already been nerfed down to the same stats as the new extremely easy obtainable quest</p><p>gear which you will get while lvling up to 95. Simple single group instanced gear and of course raid gear will be best option</p><p>for pvp it seems. Unless they are planning to increase Lethality and Toughness they do not benefit enough to make up for</p><p>the loss of stats from better pve gear that can easily be obtained. The armor was fine the way it was first implemented on</p><p>test. Sadly i can only put up with so many bad calls and mistakes and this is the deciding factor to finally quit this game</p><p>after 8 years.</p>

11-09-2012, 01:12 AM
<p>I thought we were clear on pvp/e gear progression.  I just logged into BETA and saw the new top pvp gear.  Yhea, im not coming back either. </p>