View Full Version : 50 to 69 AA choices reduced

10-25-2012, 01:34 AM
<p>By moving the tradeskill AA's to their own tab, it becomes impossible for a character to access the class line of the shadows AA tab between level 50 and 69.  Currently one can spend 50 points on the subclasss, 50 points on the class tab, 32 points to max out the first three lines of the shadows tab, and then 38 points on tradeskill to meet the 170 global AA needed to access the class line on shadows for the remaining points.  This line of the shadows tab includes important advancements to a character's potential that characters in the level 50 to 69 range currently use.</p><p>Given that level 80 to 89 characters already tend to be notably more potent in level agnostic battle grounds; will adjustments be made to either the amount of spent global AA's required to access the class line, will an attempt at rebalancing the battle grounds agonstic leveling algorithim be used to compensate for this loss, or will the imbalance be allowed to extened further?</p>

10-26-2012, 09:12 AM
<p>this is another example of th eplayerbase howling for something, getting it, and then findind out that they were taking advantage of an aspect of it they no longer can.</p><p>people complained over and over about the TS aas taking from the same 'aa pool' as adventure abilities. that TS aas should have thier own pool.</p><p>well now they do. which means using the TS tree for your gobal count from adenturing doesn't work anymore.</p>