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10-22-2012, 06:20 PM
<p><p>Hey all, we're looking forward to seeing what you think of these new Prestige abilities!</p><p>You'll notice that we have compressed the original Prestige tree to make room for the new abilities. There's also a new restriction on the bubbles that were formally in row three - you now spend six points in the first row to unlock one of those bubbles, twelve points if you want to unlock both. We try to give players as much freedom as possible with character customization, but this restriction is necessary because those bubbles give better value per point than the new Prestige abilities.</p><p>As far as the new stuff goes, each line continues with an "access" ability that can be enhanced by the three bubbles below it. Spending six points in those enhancement bubbles unlocks the endline, which should relate to the rest of the line thematically but may not directly enhance the access ability. The two bubbles in the middle are accessible from either line and unlocked by spending a certain number of prestige points spent within the tree.</p><p>Keep in mind that, as I write this, we have plenty of time for significant changes and balance adjustments before we go live. Mages and Scouts are currently an iteration behind Fighters and Priests, so you can expect to see changes to all of those classes within the next few days.</p><p>You'll notice at the bottom of the main forum list are archetype subforums, so please post all feedback in your correct category down below.</p><p>Let us know what you think and welcome to beta!</p></p>

11-05-2012, 01:58 PM
<p><p>First off, thanks for the excellent feedback so far. The bug reports, detailed explanations, and suggestions have been awesome.</p><p>I also wanted to update you on our progress. Up until the end of last week, we spent most of our time trying to improve the lines that would have been difficult to balance because the core mechanics just weren't very fun or useful no matter what the numbers were. There's still some pretty significant tweaking to do for a few classes, but the complete re-do's are finished.  </p><p>Now, we're really focused on getting the numbers right, and as you guys know, they're pretty far off in some cases. The patch today is intended to bring the numbers in line for Assassins, Beastlords, Rangers, Warlocks, and Wizards. The goal is to have the other Mages and Scouts ready for the patch tomorrow, Priests Wednesday, and Fighters Thursday. Any number of things could ruin that schedule, so please don't be offended if (perhaps when?) we fail to adhere to it. <img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /> </p><p>Lastly, double conversion specs are intended to be the more versatile option. For example, a Fighter might want some DPS and some tanking abilities. If everything is balanced as intended, classes with two DPS lines should always find that choosing one line yields a greater output.</p><p>Thanks again to everyone who has helped test these abilities!</p></p>

11-08-2012, 08:15 PM
<p>Hey everyone,</p><p>Unfortunately, the changes mentioned in multiple class forums that were supposed to go to beta tonight are going to be going up tomorrow.</p><p>Here are the patch notes that will be posted when the server is updated:</p><p><p>BERSERKER:Empowering Rage now builds increments when the berserker uses specific area effect abiliities. When they hit 50 increments, those area of effect abilities will cast instantly.Rampager's Vitality's duration is now 45 seconds.Saga of Bloodshed has had its reuse increased by 50%. Saga now increments to 8. It's Crit Bonus is now 6.Combat Saga's damage has been doubled.Thrill of Combat is now 50% more Crit Bonus to Saga per rank.Saga of the Ages is now 60% more damage per rank.</p><p>GUARDIAN:Shield Bash is now Sphere of Defense. It reduces the reuse of Guardian Sphere to 150 seconds base.Champion's Glare now Provoke has a chance to grant an increment.Champion's Shout now also increases healing received by the group by 0.2% per rank per increment.Protecting Spirit is now a raid buff that increases the Guardian's Crit Bonus when other players take damage.Champion's Interception can only restore up to 50% of the increments consumed.Defender's Charge has had its damage reduced.Defender's Power is now 60% per rank.Blades of Protection's damage has been increased.</p><p>BRUISER:Broken Limbs also adds 1/2/4 ticks to Pulverize.Martial Justice now applies when the bruiser's allies take damage. The effect has been reduced to 2 Weapon Damage Bonus and Potency per rank, and the Dodge Chance is now Riposte Chance.Martial Retaliation now applies an incremental buff to the bruiser that increases riposte chance and maximum health.Pulverize's damage has been increased.Battering Onslaught's damage has been reduced.Brutal Counter's damage has been drastically increased.Martial Leap now only causes the bruiser to take 25% of the damage. The radius of the players who get the detaunt and the detaunt itself have been increased to 10 meters.Brutal Smash has had its radius increased to 10 meters. The damage has been improved.Martial Resiliance's health threshold has been reduced to 10%.</p><p>TEMPLAR:Wrath of Divinity now has a 72 second duration.</p><p>MYSTIC:Ancestral Support should now properly apply when casting other spells. The ward value has been increased.</p></p>

11-08-2012, 09:14 PM
<p>Oops. Missed these changes from my list in the above post:</p><p><p>INQUISITOR:Perfected Inquest is now the top middle advancement. The power value scales with rank.Final Verdict is the middle endline. It increases the thresholds of Verdict to 3% for epics, 12% for enemies stronger than standard, 28% for standard targets and 55% for weak targets.</p><p>WARDEN:Windblade, Constant Winds and Restoring Breeze will now trigger more reliably.Icewater Armor has had its damage substantially increased.Clearwater's Growth now also has a 10% chance to clear the reuse of Cyclone.</p><p>DEFILER:Dominated Restoration is now Dominated Defenses. It applies 5% damage reduction per rank to the target when Wraithwall absorbs damage. This lasts for 6 seconds and can only trigger once every 20 seconds per target.Phantasmal Barrier no longer has a cast time. It can now be cast while casting other spells. The ward value has been increased. The spell will fail to apply if the entire raid is at full health.Ward's Bane is now a buff that the defiler can toggle off. It now can trigger once every 3 seconds per ward.Soultemper has had its ward value raised substantially. The regeneration amount has been increased slightly.Empowered Dominion is now 0.5% Crit Bonus per rank per increment.Ethereal Souls is now an 11% increase per rank.</p><p>MYSTIC:Snow Rhino's Power is now 4 Weapon Damage Bonus per rank.</p><p>FURY:Lightning Siphon's damage has been increased dramatically and its reuse has been doubled.Repeated Lightning's prose has been corrected and damage slightly increased.Control the Storm has had its heal reduced.Aura of Defense has had its ward improved.Lightning Aura properly displays its 25/50/75% trigger chances. It can now increment up to 14 times.</p></p>