View Full Version : Mentored pvp

07-29-2012, 03:29 AM
<p>Can someone please summerize how self-mentoring works in a pvp server?  Seems like I can't hit someone of low level if I've mentored down, but he/she can hit me.  If two people, a 92 and a 50, both self-mentored to 20; can they fight each other?  Or does the level 50 need to hit first, being based on their original levels.  I'm not asking about battleground which I know operate differently.</p>

07-29-2012, 03:36 PM
<p>If you are both mentored, niether one of you will ever be able to start combat with each other.  Our server has ALWAYS allowed for lower levels to attack higher level characters but if you are mentored or grouped with someone mentored you are not permitted to initiate combat.  If, someone else ( unmentored ) hits you or a groupmate first, then "it's on." Also, keep in mind, if you are level 92 and you mentor down to 50, a 92 can push your face in because that is your original level.  ( however, there is no kill credit while mentored/grouped with mentoreds, which is a known and useable exploit by many people )</p>