View Full Version : Dungeon Maker chat channel?

05-06-2012, 05:37 PM
<p>Is there a chat channel for Dungeon Maker?</p><p>Can't find anything with a search, and have tried to ask in several channels in the game with no luck.</p>

05-06-2012, 08:54 PM
<p>Don't think so. </p><p>If you are a Gold subscriber you can make a custom channel via the chat options. Then just post a thread with the channel name. </p>

05-06-2012, 09:25 PM
<p>Thanks, at least I finally got an answer from someone.  Yes gold, but I don't fancy creating a channel and sitting in it by myself.  <img src="/eq2/images/smilies/97ada74b88049a6d50a6ed40898a03d7.gif" border="0" /></p><p>I guess I'll just sort my questions to go to homeshow or crafting depending on the question.</p>

05-06-2012, 09:50 PM
<p>It's Everfrost.DungeonMakers</p>

05-06-2012, 10:03 PM
<p><cite>Gladiolus wrote:</cite></p><blockquote><p>It's Everfrost.DungeonMakers</p></blockquote><p>Thanks!  I'd been led to believe there was one, but I was ready to assume someone had been pulling my leg.</p>