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04-28-2012, 11:46 PM
<p>Previously the  "Fast like Dominoes" award winning dungeon but changed due to a ninja duck and added learning.</p><p>The Linguistic Ninja Duck is open for learning. It is a dungeon every speaker of any language should run several times. But beware, the name is true. Find him and die. Or find him and live to help others.</p><p>Freeport server</p><p>Mistmoore Manor dungeon.</p><p>20+ unique monsters and bosses</p><p>75 Tokens.</p><p>33k xp with vitality</p><p>10-20 minutes depending on the paths and xp wanted.</p><p>Also, the name might be bugged, and you might have to find Fast Like Dominoes, which is a name that has nothing to do with what it actually is - an educational dungeon that has awesome prowess and a ninja duck.</p>

04-29-2012, 01:03 AM
<p>I like languages.  So which server and which dugeon layout category?</p>

04-29-2012, 10:53 AM
<p>Freeport server</p><p>Mistmoore Manor dungeon.</p><p>75 Tokens. 33k xp with vitality, 15-20 minutes depending on the paths.  20+ unique monsters and bosses. </p><p>I made this dungeon when taking a linguistics grad class for education.  The ninja duck came on his own.</p><p>The fights are evenly spaced and balanced, and I made a pulling puzzle out of the larger rooms.  The last puzzle requires a strategy to get through without getting wasted. </p><p> It has a few awards, but I just republished it and added a couple of raptors while trying to change the name with /republish-house.  For some reason, the name shows up on the filter, but the old name is showing up in the 'my dungeons'. </p><p>Anyways, have fun.  I wish I could have my HS classes run through this a few times, but it might be a conflict of interest, and I am pretty sure someone might think I am just playing games!</p><p>If I could get the flavor text to work everytime, it would be easier to connect the story, but, as is, it is a pretty quick run for the educational buck.</p>