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03-14-2012, 07:15 PM
<p>Who wants to see some real PvP in WF's? I know I do.</p><p>However, currently, there is no incentive for PvP in the Antonican WF. People show up and burn towers just to get their faction and discord as quick as possible. Many people allege that half the frps there are Q's just waiting to exile once they have enough faction, or have farmed enough tokens. On top of that are the people that are more interested in moving on to a different WF once Antonica is over.</p><p>Here's a list of possible ways to fix this experience to encourage actual Warfield style PvP:</p><p>1) Make different level ranges of Discord tokens</p><p>No more farming for your t9, because you can only use the discord tokens for that WF's level range! Therefore, people will stick around, gear up, and fight. Frankly I think this option is superior to the alternative. . . which is removing the Heirloom tag from the tokens. Then you can still switch tokens to toons that need them, but cannot farm for a completely different tier.</p><p>2) Change flagging for WF's.</p><p>Currently, you can show up pretty much whenever (up to the last five minutes, if the towers still stand) and get tokens and faction. I don't think it should be absurd. . . allow people to be late. But the ability to show up, burn the towers, then get flagged for a second WF just encourages the farm-fest that Antonica has become. This is better than (and less complicated than) making it so that WF's flag your ACCOUNT and not your single toon. Either way, something should change here.</p><p>3) Rework Betrayal</p><p>As it stands, it is all too easy for someone to just farm farm farm Antonica with a frp, then betray and hand off the tokens to a different Q toon. Or just farm the discord and faction as a frp, then betray and lvl up to fight as a Q to where you want to be. Where's the incentive for people to roll a Q and try to fight? There is none. It's just way too easy to roll a frp, then betray when you've got him where you want him. Why bother if Q's always lose Antonica?</p><p>4) Award tokens on a curve.</p><p>If 80 frps show up, and only 10 Q's. . . then give the frps less than 6 tokens, even if they win the WF. (Do not give the smaller losing side more tokens than the winning side as a consolation prize, as this would only start a brand new form of exploitation) If the smaller side wins somehow, give them bonus tokens for pulling it off.</p><p>If 45 frps show up and 45 Q's show up. . . then give the standard win/loss/draw tokens.</p><p>These are just a few ideas that I've been toying around with. I would love to hear some more from others.</p>

03-15-2012, 07:52 PM
<p>Interesting and while I do think there needs to be changes, I think the token issue is just a small focus point and the solution to that may be a little complex. Tokens were previously based on tier, but were later changed by making them tier universal but, giving a smaller amount to lower tiers for writ completions, which we see today (2 at T4, 5 at T9). Warfields though award 6 regardless of tier, which in my opinion already creates an issue. I guess it was made that way to intice people to participate in them, 1 30 minute event to get three times the amount than if you completed a writ (which can take hours, upon hours if you can't seem to get it done during a WF).</p><p>Personally, I would rather see a change in the overall WF concept. First, Antonica seems to have some issue with keeping up with the workload created by 60+ players and second, there are exploits of sorts that players can use to their advantage because it's an open zone.</p><p>They attempted to take 10-29 out of the pvp equation by making the newer gear start at level 30, adding carnage flag and pvp combat protection to T2 zones and forcing characters to level through pvp combat prior to level 30. So why then do we allow them to acquire tokens for doing nothing in a Warfield? I think the warfields should be a seperate zone and should be limited by Tier, if you're not in 30-39 range, then you can't go in. if you're 30 and in there, you should be able to be attacked by a 39 and they should get credit if they kill you. You shouldn't be allowed to leap around or run at 130% speed to avoid combat. It's a Warfield, if you're not there to PVP, WHAT ARE YOU THERE FOR? So I would say make it a zone similar to BGs, maybe put some advanced objectives in there. Test it at T4 and see how it goes, if people LOVE it, then continue, if not scratch it. I think AION had some GREAT ideas in their Abyss (Warfield type zone) with main objectives and sub-objectives, it made the entire experience fun and somehow they could have 300+ players all near each other fighting and still have NO LAG. Their fail in that setting though was allowing no player pvp range, so a level 50 could kill a 20, etc...which took away from the experience.</p><p>Anway, if there was more to do than kill some statues, get your tokens and then log out or to another toon, I think it would be a lot more fun for everyone and would probably attact more players to participate. On that note, we can't hold SOE responsible for Q's making freeps to token leach in our current situation. On Vox we had the reverse situation, with x4+ of Q's showing up, which 30%+ were freeps logging an alt for the free 6 tokens. Along with some other players, we decided to make things change and in a couple months time the balance was reset and people enjoyed the pvp again. That's what we hope to accomplish again and it's up to players, not SOE to make that happen. So come on Q's, log your Q instead of your freep and let's bring PVP back to Warfields...or maybe a few of you freeps would like to help even things up? Either way, we should all hope that PVP becomes more lively, if all were gonna do is hit the statues and get tokens, why not just go run a zone.</p><p>EQ2 still the best game hands down! I do hope though that some changes are made to make things more enjoyable for us that play on a PVP server. Warfields has a decent start, but add some features to it and lock down a level range for a zone so that a 90 cant sit there and wait for you to hit an AE, or a 90 cant come in and target through a friend to take out the towers in 5 minutes. Also, give people something to use tokens on so they're not collecting 1000 tokens in their banks. As stated previously, AION had some great ideas for their Abyss, like being able to place rez point items for your group/raid, having defensive items you could place to assist...keep in mind these were just in the Abyss, I think they have no place in open world PVP. Maybe make some special pots or add some level 30 adorns etc....something to spend our tokens on instead ok letting them sit like they're some kind of treasure.</p><p>I commend the SOE team for giving us the Discord faction gear since I believe as a PVP server, we should have a gear with a slight advantage over those blue servers that can get similar gear via BGs. I think a little more thought into other items as well would be nice though. PVP cloak item, Charms, Ranged Weapon for BLs, Symbol items for priests/mages, etc. (speaking of T4). And then like I said, find someway for us to use our tokens on a weekly basis, pots, extra buffs, adorns (lower tiers), some type of object to help a group/raid. I'm not saying to add more NPCs to our fight...PLEASE NO!  just saying, 1k tokens sitting in a bank has no purpose. I'd gladly pay a few tokens for a pvp buff of +200 health for 1 hour or something like that (I haven't thought about it in that much detail). Look at some other games and use what people liked, toss what they didn't and put EQ2 into it!</p><p>Hope things change to make it more enjoyable for all of us. Good luck out there!</p>