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02-09-2012, 04:07 PM
<p>My second dungeon (on Antonia Bayle) I named "Skittles -- Taste the Rainbow" because I made it circular in one of the Crushbone layouts, and each of six major rooms is color-coded in decor.  It is arranged like a color wheel, and the entrance and exit are in the hallway between the Red and Orange Rooms.  (Read the book upon entry for the complete explanation of this "hunting as Art" project of the Free University of Norrath.)</p><p>Being circular, it can be run either clockwise, or counter-clockwise.  I used the "standard" sarnak boss in the Red Room and named him Incarnadine.  I received a Djinn Master boss as a random part of a booster set, and I made the entire Yellow Room a desert theme with other genies and dervishes, etc.</p><p>I'm sorry I don't have the actual mob xp numbers at this moment -- too pressed for time to look it up in my logs -- but when I ran the dungeon counter-clockwise, I got 11074 xp; clockwise was 10492.  Both times I got 51 marks (bonus not in effect).  What I did notice was that going counter-clockwise, my Red boss was over 300 xp points with all the buffage in the room, and the other, lesser mobs were giving 270 xp.  By the time I got to the Yellow Room, however, my level 54 Djinn Master gave about 140 or so xp -- and a Tier-increased level 50 mob gave a little over 100; all the other mobs were only giving 90 xp.  From there on out through the Orange Room, all mobs were only 90 xp, no matter how buffed.</p><p>Running clockwise, my Djinn Master gave xp over 300, and the room mobs were giving 270 xp, but the highly buffed three mobs of the Purple Room, and the Red Room gang were only giving 90 xp.</p><p>It appears that the mobs one encounters later in the dungeon are worth less than the first sets of mobs -- it isn't the mobs themselves, as evidenced by the difference in the order in which they are encountered (clockwise vs. counter-clockwise).  This is not right.  I have run through other dungeons -- especially making note in the dead-boring mob warehouses with their clumps of gnolls (who always look like they're doing something dirty in their little group) spaced exactly aggro range apart -- and the mobs give the exact same xp from start to finish.</p><p>I figured out my earlier problem of Effects not working -- I  had sunk some of the "crates" into the floor slightly to take a better picture for publication, and evidently, when they are "under the floor," they don't work properly.  I have since raised the effects objects so all buffs are shown on the mobs they affect, but I still get different xp depending on order encountered.</p><p>Has anyone else noticed this?  Or am I stuck with an anomaly?</p>

02-10-2012, 04:37 AM
<p>It sounds to me that the character you are using has simply run out of vitality before you get to the end of your run. Experience you receive in dungeon maker dungeons are effected by anything that changes your exp rate. So if you have a particularly full dungeon you may easily run out of vitality and lose that exp bonus.</p>

02-14-2012, 06:02 PM
<p>Thanks for the reply, Barbai -- but having heard about the vitality issue, I checked my vitality level both runs, and it remained at the 200% bonus point.</p><p>Skittles -- Taste the Rainbow has a difficulty factor that gives 51 marks, no matter what the experience gained is.  It takes about 20-30 minutes to solo.  I have worked my way through longer "mob warehouses" that took well over an hour, and the basic mobs at the end gave the same amount of xp as the basic mobs at the beginning.  It is, to quote the King of Siam (in "The King and I") a puzzlement.</p><p>Any other thoughts?</p>