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01-23-2012, 04:08 PM
<p>Couldn't decide whether to put this in Homeshow or In testing..since its mostly about an implemented feature that regards housing. i thought here was better. I have a few ideas for the Housing editing mode. Some of them are radical,others just convenient.</p><p>I was VERY excited to see the new Housing Edit mode. and the potential this opens up. As it is, It vastly improves editing very busy complicated houses, just not selecting and picking up the wrong item is amazing in it self. But,here are a few suggestions that i would like to see added to the system</p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Alternate rotation modes: </strong>Now that we have a dedicated movement mode for rotation. is it possible to see Ctrl and Alt be used to allow us to rotate objects on other axis. It would be nice to not have to break out the editor, just to make a dinner table look a little less than perfect</p><p><strong>Old style movement mode Or selection system:</strong> Would it be possible to see a "move connected objects" toggle added to the radial menu? I know the code is still in the system "points to Splitpaw and the Frostfell dungeon" So that we might move objects with all connected objects in tow. moving tables and bookcases with their contents. OR,alternately. A selection system. to select multiple objects,and move,scale and rotate them as one.</p><p><strong>Grid system,and snapping:</strong> Would it be possible to see a "grid" system added to the radial menu.</p><p>With options including .1, .33, .5, .75, 1, 5 units. Or, a slider/text box to set the grid size. letting us line up objects better. Seamlessly connecting building blocks and tiles. Also a radial snapping mode, with degree sets like 15,30,45,90,180 degrees. For the rotation mode. Grid snap should effect scaling as well</p><p><strong>Key framed Animation:</strong> This idea came to me while messing with layouts. I found that objects move rather smoothly between different "frames" when small changes are implemented in a series of layout files. and in one RP event. i used several trimmed layout files to create moving bridges,opening bookcase doors, rising tiles to jump on. Would it be possible to see a system to create several "frames" and script them to a volume object,similar to effector objects.Maybe set the transition speed. So that when you step on a pressure pad,flip a switch.click a particular book.Or even say a specific password. an animation plays.framing through several layout sets. The ability to create dynamic and interesting houses and dungeons would be nearly limitless at that point. I realize it might not be possible to move a character WITH the moving layout objects. but that is an interesting dream as well "working elevators!"</p><p>Now for a few crazy ideas.  Not entirely sure of their possibility.</p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Non linear, non uniform scaling:</strong> Is the engine capable of scaling non uniformly? scaling an object in one direction and not the other? i wont go deeper into this idea since im not sure of the capability of the game engine.</p><p><span style="color: #ff0000;">-<strong>!WARNING!</strong> far more complicated idea! May cause permanent damage to ogre minds, and cause giddyness in Gnomes-</span></p><p><strong>Scripting and logic gates: </strong>This is somewhat an extension of my animation ideas. But,some time in the future, would it be possible to see a simple logic node based visual scripting system for dungeons? allowing us to give mobs simple ai,and even create puzzles similar to what we see in Charsis and poet's palace. A system of switches.with "logic" objects. with many small gate objects within a UI,similar to a player writen book. Similar to Minecraft's Redstone system, for those that are familiar with it. Players wouldn't be able to write actual code. for safety and performance reasons. but work with a "lego box" of different scripts. In addition to this. allow objects to be set as "visitor moveable" in dungeons and player houses. So that they could be used as part of simple puzzles and scripts. "find key object,place it here,door opens"</p>

03-07-2012, 12:21 PM
<p>Not normaly one to bump my own thread,,but this seems to have gone completly by the wayside X_X ...</p><p>and id really like feedback on some of my ideas ^_^ *wishes she haddnt added ALL her ideas to the first post so she could make this post more interesting*</p><p>though i DO have new question...do we have a dev working on housing stuff? at all ._. it seems like all our devs are being shipped off to new and better places</p>

03-07-2012, 07:42 PM
<p>Sound like great ideas to me.</p><p>As for Dev, Omougi just admited he was now the housing/tradeskill go to person. =)</p>