View Full Version : Suggestions/wishlist after viewing the podcast

01-23-2012, 01:28 PM
<p>First, I think Dungeon Maker is one of the areas of the game that SOE really should be putting some serious dev time into. Lots of MMO's have raids, and all the other stuff, but as far as I know, EQ2 is the best "decorator/designer" MMO out right now. Play to your strengths.</p><p>1) Tilesets and Pathfinding: It was mentioned in the podcast that the current pathfinding won't work with tiles. But they also said that the dungeons were there own "little world", which gave me the impression that the "rules" could be different in these dungeons. We're talking about algorithms that were fully functional way back in Diablo 2 (for those who don't know, the "dungeons" in that game are randomly generated from preset tiles - complete with cross tile pathfinding).</p><p>If it has to be that way, you could sell "tileset booster packs" on the marketplace. I know I'd rather spend money on a set of lego blocks I can put together any way I want vs 3 or 4 set layouts.</p><p>2) NPC's with a real dialog editor, allowing scripts to be fired from dialog. Again, not groundbreaking stuff. Neverwinter Nights had this years ago - heck, they've got one working for Baldur's Gate.</p><p>3) Go through the "Chronicle system" code from SWG and steal all you can. Yes, I know it's a different game, so you can't just port the code over. But the algorithms and designs are what is important. Once you've got those, all you have to do is adapt them to the code/variable/event structure of EQ2. That would let dungeons be accessible through triggers in the "outside" world (you already need to be outside to enter the dungeon maker interface, so this would be just bypassing the menu for a lot of cases). Have a couple of NPC's that can be interacted with in each zone. Same for objects (like those hard to find "bumps" in the ground that mark the old instance entrances). The code for this type of interaction already exists to a point with access quests that require you to have an item (or quest state) active for these things to function.</p><p>The dungeon designer could make an object - tradeable, so they could sell it on the AH or give it someone. That object would have the condition those NPC's and world objects check for (ie: you talk to Guard XYZ in TS - he checks if you have a dungeon item. If you do, uses the dialog tree contained in that item. Make the item "lore" so you can only have a single one in your inventory at any time if you want to avoid potential conflicts from having multiple quests available. The same would work for the dungeon entrances - if  you have the item, the object becomes selectable and you transport to the dungeon. At the end of one dungeon, a dialog script from an NPC could destroy the old item and give you a different one, making multi-stage quests possible.</p><p>Would it be work to implement? Yes, but not more than some of the other things they've said they want to do, and I think the ROI for a system like this would be huge. Most of the stuff produced would be crap, but it would only take five or six really dedicated modders to come up with some truly epic content if you just give them the tools to work with. Find a few that are really putting out top-notch stuff and you've got yourself a potential hiring pool of people who have already proven they have the creativity and understanding to get the job done.</p>