View Full Version : Do Scout and Mage avatars need a damage/root buff?

01-15-2012, 05:54 PM
<p>Just wondering.I've made three dungeons now and when you play with healer or tank avatar they offer a very balanced challenge. You die if you are not careful, but if you do your things right, you complete them without dying once.However, using mage or scout classes you die all the time. And this is not only in my dungeons, but in other's as well.Tank has lots of health so it survives and deals decend damage. Healers are virtually invincible until their mana run out but can survive lots.Mages lack decent rooting (way too short, just 5 seconds) which is the most important feature for a normal non-avatar mage class (unless you have a pet), and scouts aren't dealing enough raw damage to survive tougher encounters.I find very little incentive to play as scout and mages in any dungeon when I know tanks and healers are the real survivors out there, and most people build their dungeons to suit those.Shouldn't the DPS classes put out decent dps enough to make up for their lack of health and mana?</p>

01-23-2012, 12:31 PM
<p>Too weigh in on this. I would say yes. Scout mage dps when parsed on ACT shows that the tanks clearly do more damage then scouts and mages. So whats the point?</p><p>Just run a group with tanks and healers as running a scout or mage doesn't do as much dps. (Exception being the bard type dirge) which boost the melee dps with tank still being the top.</p>