View Full Version : EQ2 Mobile Authenticator

01-12-2012, 11:28 AM
<p>Way back when SOE introduced the Authenticator, they stated that coming Soon(tm) would be a mobile app authenticator that we would be able to download from the Apple store (or other mobile stores).  Any ETA as to when this could happen?  Or has it been scrapped in favor of the keychain one? </p><p>I haven't gotten the keychain one, because I just KNOW I would lose it within a week, and the mobile app would be so much more convenient.</p><p>*Edited for not spell-checking first*</p>

01-12-2012, 01:35 PM
<p>Not sure on the mobile app, but I hope it works better than the key fob does.  My kids and I had to take ours off our accounts because it would randomly decide that the algorythm had changed every few weeks, and the digits it would tell us to punch in wouldn't work, no matter how painstakingly we put them in.  It would similarly pull this same stunt while trying to log into the forums here, too.</p><p>I was really holding my breath just trying to log into our online accounts to get rid of it, lol.  We were able to do it, but I'm not putting it back on until I hear that they've officially fixed it.</p>