View Full Version : Please, let us place more effect objects / kind

01-09-2012, 06:24 PM
<p>I like the tier up/down, level up/down etc, as well as the procs (why we have no single versions of those?) because it allows a lot of tailoring.But why can we only use 5 of each?Especially the tier/level single objects could really allow a us a higher amount to be placed.Imagine you have 3 boss mobs, and want 6 weaker adds.You place 5 tier/level downs and then you can't place anymore, so the last add is too powerful.I think we should be allowed to use a lot more of these, because they are actually tools we use, not gear.In all honesty, I don't even see why there is a cap at all? It is taking away from our freedom of designing and creativity a lot.It's like designing a map for counterstrike and suddenly see in the hammer editor "sorry, you ran out of blocks, now you need to use cylinders or spheres".If we want to make rooms difficult or easy, why be hindered by a limit?Or at least up it to something reasonable like 20-30 of each. Should be enough to tailor our mobs throghout the dungeon.</p>