View Full Version : Missleading localization on storm

01-09-2012, 10:21 AM
<p>Could you either perform correct translation or allow people on french/german server to use an interface in english.</p><p>Among the translation gems :</p><p>Beast lord : final AA described as having 1% DR while it does 50%</p><p>Warden Howling : with the pack : described as having 1%DR while it has 30% (according to beetny).</p><p>There are probably many other mistakes, a very common one is to read that some AA reducing reuse/casting is actualy increasing it ... but those errors are obvious so players can usually correct them.</p><p>To that we can add tradeskill city tasks in which the player need to correct "holy breastplate" into "Blessed chestplate" (this is just a typical example). Indeed crafters often have to guess what they should craft.</p><p>Errors that are reported are not even corrected.</p>