View Full Version : Top 5: Reasons why you use this feature.

01-05-2012, 09:36 AM
<p>List the top 5 reasons why you still use this feature. I'll start.</p><ol><li>Totem of Quickness: 30% Ground Mount and Self Runspeed. aITEM -1382250269 1250347171 0:[Totem of Quickness]/a</li><li>Research Time Reduction: Reduces the time remaining on the spell being actively researched by one day. aITEM 1945681438 313773732 0:[Research Time Reduction]/a</li><li>Builder's Toughness: Reduces the critical damage inflicted on caster by 5.0%. aITEM 689894298 -1625000733 0:[Builder's Toughness]/a</li><li>To have fun with guild mates, running our dungeons sitting back relaxing, joking and having a change of pace from the PvP and PvE of the world.</li><li>Nothing.</li></ol><p>Pretty much I only use this feature to get certain items as well as spending time goofing around with guild mates. What are your reasons to using this feature?</p>

01-05-2012, 02:52 PM
<p>I am having a blast just putting together a dungeon (my first bare bones one doesn't really count).  Every time I log in I go searching for relevant house type items on the broker, or from faction merchants or even do instances to get them.  I can then spend an hour or more placing them, re-arranging them or otherwise fiddling with their layout.  I try to do other people's dungeons when I can to get ideas and dungeon marks and generally support the whole concept.</p><p>I am going to have to publish this dungeon soon since I am fairly close to hitting the limit on placed items.  Whether or not anyone likes it I am sure I will then move on to another design, even though I am now quite an impoverished froglok :p </p><p>Looking forward to any improvements that can be made with regard to functionality, especially ones that will allow you to tell a story better.  Having lots of fun with it though regardless!</p>