View Full Version : Dungeon Finder Driving Me Mad!

01-05-2012, 08:55 AM
<p>  I just came back to this game after a couple yrs and love the DF option like they had in another game I played. I'm not having issues with other players or bad groups, but my problems are:</p><p>1: Getting zoned into a dungeon by myself while I don't even have a merc.</p><p>2: Getting zoned into a dungeon that is already cleared with other people in my group saying they didn't even kill anything and same happened to them.</p><p>3: The stupid 15 min queue wait time everytime DF screws up is horrible.</p><p>4: Calling back to repair or do whatever while in a DF group automatically disbands me and locks me out of the zone even if it says I can re-enter and my grp is waiting.</p><p>5: Always getting a "Failed to stay with Group" message everytime this thing messes up.</p><p>6: I then get locked out of any other zone and can't re-enter any zone with ALL of my characters after the DF messes up. Same thing happens when I don't even use the DF. I was in Protector's Realm with and friend (didn't use DF) and called back to get some money for a merc. I got to the zone door and it would not give me the option to re-enter, even though it says I can in my dungeons tab. My friend had no problem at all. I switched characters and even my other character who has never been in there would not be allowed in.</p><p>7: The DF message pops up saying a dungeon is ready so I click Join. It then shows me in a full grp but doesn't zone me into the dungeon because they have a Merc in my spot. I then get penalized yet again.</p><p>FIX THIS!</p>

01-07-2012, 02:17 AM
<p>Wow.  Totally craptastic.  I tried this once and i got sent into the erudin library with one other person waited for our reward and its something i cant even use on that toon. </p><p>Genius idea on that one.</p>