View Full Version : General Feedback in regards to DungeonMaker

01-03-2012, 12:39 AM
Seriously people want to have fun with the dungeon maker they want to be extremely creative in making stuff but honestly if you are going to continue to use it to squeeze nickels and pennies out of us then im probably just going to say forget it and put it away and im sure a LOT of others feel the same: Spawners in the cash shop are well priced except the boss pack, but once someone buys a spawner why would you limit them to placing only one? just so they will buy 500000 packs trying to get a second one if they need it? no, if they buy a spawner and get it they should be able to keep that spawner in their toolbox like any other spawner New stone pillars and tiles: Excellent idea I loved it till I bought one of each and found out they were so tiny that to make ONE full sized pillar I would need 5 of the things if your going to make these items to sell then make them worth buying....I myself would probably buy 10 or so at least of just pillars and round platforms per room IF THEY were realistically sized Boss Spawners: ive said this before but again for 1800 tokens I should be getting at LEAST 3 bosses and now to find out you dont even get bosses you get Elite spawners? Dungeon Decor: oh god where to begin with this one......give us SNOW,SAND,Water etc etc etc i could go on and on what if i want to turn my dungeon into a cave dungeon what if i want to ADD water not just the water in that one layout but actual water tiles to make my own water rooms god the possibilities are endless Original Layouts: give us actual layouts that arent just cut and pasted from other dungeons IE dungeon dorkandsmork a 8 room dungeon with all kinds of different possibilities Traps etc things that could actually make the dungeon interesting and bring out ppls creativeness right now for the most part every dungeon ive been too just looks like someones house it really doesnt look much like a dungeon