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01-01-2012, 02:50 PM
<p>Somewhere, something has changed in the way social aggro from the lesser awareness works.</p><p>On Freeport server, I have a dungeon (400 token, bring friend to win),   It was originally published the first week out the gate, and I ran it myself often to grind tokens.  Several of the main rooms, were perfectly spaced mobs,  in a grid formation.</p><p>I have a lesser awareness crate, near the entrance of the room, to make the first pull/ breaking of the room more interesting.  It used to be that he first pull of the room, would be about 10ish mobs total.  My target, and the 5 surrounding them, and the few additionals you got from the lesser awareness. From there, you were able to pull 4 to 6 at a time, as long as you targeted the corner mob.</p><p>Something was changed the past several weeks, and mobs now Chain aggro.  A single aggro, will add the 5 around them. As soon as those 5 are aggro'd, the surrounding mobs would aggro, etc, until the entire room of 50+ mobs are all aggro at once.</p><p>Half of the zone is still playable, and some of the rooms that do not have the awareness crates, are still pull functioning. Since I always have the zone out, next to the zone in, people still hunt in the half that is playable.</p><p>Since we cant update or change anything in the zone, without loosing our ratings, etc.  We can not go in and fix anything after sony makes any changes to the way items work.</p><p>We take our time to build things, test them, etc... Then sony goes and changes one little thing, that messes everything up.  Instead of changing what is already in the dungeon.. Just make a new item, that works the way you want it to work.</p>

01-01-2012, 03:13 PM
<p>I copied the dungeon, and removed the awareness crate, and the rooms are now pullable again.   There just really needs to be some sort of end, to the chain reaction of the social aggro.</p>

01-06-2012, 04:17 AM
<p>I noticed this a few days ago after testing a re-worked dungeon. Before I was able to pull as I went but now the aggro awareness is too wide. I am trying to solo my dunfeon and getting beat up and wasnt before.</p><p>I looked for a lesser awareness crate and cant find it >< I never use crates so this awareness and social aggroing is new.</p>