View Full Version : Change in overland named drops or just rng?

01-01-2012, 01:54 AM
<p>Slowly levelling my Beastlord and decided to see if I could get some legendary drops for lvl 30 using an alt hunting oveland nameds - kiled the few over lvl 30 ^^^'s in TS, then to Zek and EL killing about 20 + nameds and not a single ornate chest. About a month ago I did the same for another alt and was getting about 1 in every two killed.</p><p>Is this just a bad rng run or is anyone else seeing this?</p>

01-01-2012, 08:36 AM
<p>It is spotty and wierd.  Today I ran my 77 brig through some stuff in Fens/Kunzar and in about an hour and a half picked up 8 legendary chests and one fabled.  All from overland 1ups... and one ornate chest from a trash common quatcha.</p><p>That one up named scorp in Bonefield dropped a fabled.</p><p>Depends where you are as well.  Most, if not all of the old game like where you were just refuses to drop anything but treasured for me.</p><p>I started a new char, did my usual chest/named runs in GY, CL, Sprawl, etc.. and had a single ornate drop from the named Dog in sprawl.  I used to fully master a new char on those named and get some good noob mute fodder.. they drop nothing but treasured for me now and I have tried several days.  21 named kills on that char and one ornate.  (and thats from AA list of named kills.. I killed many of them multiple times)</p>