View Full Version : Problems with looting

12-29-2011, 10:04 AM
<p>Suddenly came across an issue with looting this afternoon. My friend and I always just play together and we never ever have loot rights set, we just leave them as the default. Normally all is well but today suddenly an issue arose where he couldnt loot at all or pick up shineys. We both had mercs up at this point. I went into group options and set loot as free for all. That still didnt work. We then dismissed the merc and I logged and then came back in. We tried to look with no mercs and instead of chests opening, the contents went straight into our bags.</p><p>We have no idea what has happened as this is new to us. we eventually camped in frustration. As I said, we never ever have come across this before and it happened suddenly when we went to the Feerrott and it syated even when we zoned into CT?</p><p>Is this a known issue of late?</p><p>Does anyone know how to fix this.</p>

12-29-2011, 02:35 PM
<p>We have had complaints in raid with people not receiving shards on leader only loot options.  The chest remains there after all loot has been assigned.  The peeps who didnt get a shard when the chest was initially opened try to loot with free-for-all options set and still don't get a shard.  It doesn't say anything like those who received shards who get the message "there are no items that you can loot". </p><p>Yes, there is obviously something wrong with looting right now. </p>