View Full Version : What dungeon makers needs

12-26-2011, 11:31 PM
<p>I do like dungeon maker for the most part but I feel it is sadly incomplete.  There are three main reasons for this and here is what I think should be done to address them.</p><p>1.  The dungeons just are not fun to run through because of the constant challenge,  the entire challenge is based off of how many mobs are stacked into a group. </p><p>This could easily fixed by adding basic scripting abilities such as the ability to have mob unattackable while it goes through dialog as well as the ability to add ring events.  Right now I try to make my dungeons have a storyline but it is so hard when you have to add sayings and rename each mob individually, it makes the process tedious and not very much fun for the person creating the dungeons.</p><p>2.  Its almost impossible to tell the difficulty curve of some dungeons some start off with 2 and 3 pulls only to have an impossible to solo 8 pull halfway through the dungeon making the player waste all their time with the dungeon.</p><p>This could be fixed by having a mark on the finished dungeon to mark it as single or group or be done automatically by autolinking mobs that are placed in assist range so that players can see what is going to come on a pull and making dungeons with 3pulls and under solo and any dungeons with anything larger than a 4 or 5 pull a group dungeon.  It should also let us mark mobs with up or down arrows so we can adjust the difficulty of the encounter like if i wanted a group of 8 very weak mobs to attack the player I could make them easier and still retain solo difficulty.</p><p>3.  There is a problem with players hiding their exit point and then having guild members rate the dungeon up to get high in the rating list(not as big of a problem now) and this is insanely annoying, or having a large unsoloable or undoable group of mobs halfway through which makes you exit the dungeon if solo or in a small group.</p><p>I think that players who leave from the entrance portal need to be given at least partial credit for the dungeon because i have run many dungeons that are soloable through half the dungeon and then get insanely hard or I can not get to the exit point.  The other annoyance is if you are doing unrated dungeon and hop into one with about 100 mobs at the entrance which can be annoying because it can lag you and just wastes the players time.</p>