View Full Version : Increase Tier I (Single) Bug

12-26-2011, 01:22 PM
<p>Any mob in a dungeon currently which is assigned Increase Tier I (Single) effect seems to be bugged as when it is killed it turns into a double arrow down encounter which just stands there for 5 or so seconds before it despawns.</p><p>Agroing this double down encounter that spawns after the Increase Tier I (Single) mob has died can sometimes <strong>lock you into combat</strong> until you kill anything else in the dungeon.</p><p>Annoying bug if you need to recover health/power before you take on the next set of mobs.</p>

12-26-2011, 06:35 PM
<p>Also to add to this. It appears the xp rewarded for the kill is also lower then an unbuffed npc kill regarding level. This also happens regardless of the spawner type ie... Boss,reg,(limited) etc..</p>