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12-26-2011, 12:32 PM
<p>Now that non-gold members have to buy broker tokens - how is business on the broker?</p><p>Is there a way to find out what is selling well - what players are actually buying at this point?</p><p>I am willing to buy a few tokens but have no idea if it is still worth using the broker? My main is a lvl 45 carpenter and can make furnishing - are these "still" selling?</p><p>Thanks for any and all info on the "state of the broker" now!</p>

12-26-2011, 02:13 PM
<p>Well in my experience lately...</p><p>I sell things super fast, but I also mark things down about 30-50% below the lowest price listed. So I give a great deal.</p><p>I haven't purchased ANYTHING from the broker in a long long time because to me, its all ridiculously priced.</p><p>Which is why I price everything so much lower than the next lowest seller. But in reality most the things I sell are probably bought and just marked up for the buyer to sell it for more.</p><p>Others may have different experiences though.</p><p>I'm probably also one of the rare people who doesn't spend any money on gearing alts. For 1: everything is over-priced. and 2: I can use my conj to farm gear for alts =)</p>

12-26-2011, 02:18 PM
You'd be better going /lfw and advertising in your server's crafting channel every now and then that you're available for work. Better to make items on demand, than load up the broker with items that may not sell or somebody else may undercut.

12-26-2011, 02:36 PM
<p>i keep all the stuff that sells in bags, on banking alts, alts, etc. then subscribe occasionally for a gold month and sell it all. after the gold month runs out i collect stuff again and after a while when the banks are overflowing i go gold again. works just fine and while you are gold you dont have the plat limit problem, once you come to the closing days of your gold account you just buy pristine repair material and store the plat on the bank.</p>

12-27-2011, 12:01 PM
<p>Thanks soooo much for the info!</p><p>When I first started playing EQ - in the dark ages - there was NO way to sell any items and crafting was a royal pain! Then 'they' added the broker and my world opened up BigTime.</p><p>I love to craft and in the middle ages of this game the Broker was THE way to make some coin. Then Extended came out and I let my regular account lapse. Also did not use the broker for the above reasons. Joined a really good guild instead and just shared everything I made took what I needed....</p><p>Now I have ALL my characters from Both Reg and Extended - different servers - and some with coin and some with very little. But ALL craft. The OLD characters I would transfer to the New server to join my newer characters BUT it is so danged expensive to xfer that I can't do it at this time. But some of them are fun to "catch-up" with.</p><p>Thanks again for the replies - I really appreciate the info!!</p>

12-27-2011, 12:29 PM
<p>I make a ton of plat every week off the broker.    Carpentry has never been more viable now that we have DYOD and Martha Stewart awards for our homes.  The only trick with carpentry is finding your niche.  Generally speaking, items that are made off rares tend to move better, mainly because there is less competition on those items.</p><p>My recommendation--visit a few of the top ranked homes or dungeons.  People like to copy-cat their ideas.</p>