View Full Version : Butcherblock Dungeon; "Qeynosians: PC Revenge". Now up and running!

12-24-2011, 10:07 PM
<p>I just finished and published this dungeon tonight. It's centered around the fact that over the years we PC's have had NPC's around the Qeynos area who get under our skin. It's a plain and simple fact that there are NPC's that we love to hate. If you're on the Butcherblock server, stop by and lay the smack-down on them! It's not a short dungeon though, so grab a drink, maybe bring a friend, and enjoy the stroll down nostalgia lane.</p><p>Dungeon details:</p><p><strong>Qeynosians: PC Revenge, by Vashte. </strong></p><p>Mistmoore Catagory, Layout Style #2.</p><p>Soloable, but allow for at least an hour if you choose this method. I designed it to where cautious body pulls would net you 2 at a time. If you barge boldly into a room though, or don't watch for roamers, you <span style="text-decoration: underline;">will</span> get more than that. While that will be painful and possibly result in death with many avatars solo, it works well for duo/trio-ing and makes for a faster time to clear it.</p><p>95% of the NPC's in the zone have different things they say at agro, half health, and upon death. A few have less, a few have more. Enjoy the flavor, and the 101 tokens upon a full clear of the zone! Happy Slaying!</p>