View Full Version : Effect Objects : Descriptions Need Changes

12-21-2011, 03:17 PM
<p>Good morning, ladybugs and jellyspoons.</p><p>I created an in-game "feedback" ticket, but thought this would benefit the SoE/EQ2 community.</p><p>I've found two issues, with the "effect objects", which plague those in the SC store and those given in the AoD collector's edition.</p><p>1. Though their description states " spawners in your dungeon ", an EO only buffs those spawners in the room/hallway its placed in.</p><p>2. There is a "limit", on how many of a EO type, that can be placed in a dungeon. Let's take the "venomous power" , from the SC store, for this example. </p><p>Now, I have two mini-bosses, and a main boss, in my unpublished dungeon. I wanted to give all three a poison buff, ...  since ( by the storyline ) my warlock boss formed this rag-tag, don't-give-a-whoop-about-the-other-guy group, which follows him around like dim-witted dogs, and have currently taken over a level in Mistmoore Castle ... but after placing down the "venomous power " EO for the second time, I recieved a " you have reached the limit for this dungeon ... " message every time I tired to use/place it thereafter.</p><p>In a future patch, I'd like these two concerns addressed, wether they are "bugs" or additions to be included in an EO's description.</p><p>Thank you, ladybugs and jellyspoons, for reading my post.</p>