View Full Version : Moving all items from one house to another

12-21-2011, 11:53 AM
<p>Before you could have more than 1 house moving was easy now I have no idea anymore how to do this.</p><p>I wish to move all my items that are in 1 'storage' house to another one that I just got. Both are 'prestige' houses. I can pack the items but I can not see any command whereby I can specify to move them to another house. Also I am not sure if you can pack more than 1 crate as now we have the ability to have the same number of items in the moving crate as we do in the house so I have close to 1600 things that I want to move into the other house.</p><p>The only way I can see this is to stuff everything in the house vaults and move it 240 things at a time - assuming they aren't heirloom which would require me to figure out which alt dropped it ;( Is there an easier way?</p>

12-21-2011, 12:08 PM
<p>This is always confusing people.. Because it isn't a very good system but here goes.</p><p>From the outside of your storage home click on the button that says "move item", this button does not move an item but moves EVERYTHING in the house, both placed and in the moving crate. A window wil come up with the lists of houses you have that the contents can be moved to, choose the house you want and it should then send everything to that house.</p><p>Remember, it only works from outside your house, not from the indoor /house interface.</p>