View Full Version : Dear SOE: RE: My Tears for Fears

12-21-2011, 12:46 AM
<p>Dear Designers,</p><p>I'm not sure if it's even kosher for us to write you, so if this is breaking protocol or if you're not permitted to respond, I apologize in advance.</p><p>I've spent over 200 hours designing my dungeon.  Some of that time has been in farming mats via events, but most of that time was over the last 100 hours by running dungeons to get tokens for bosses and taking my chances at the Gigglegobber Gamblin Goblin's Great Godzilla collections to get a boss (you know what I mean, 5 spawners and chance at boss).</p><p>1800 was a great googly number, but it gave me something to do.  True, I'm only a level 48 monk, but I've loved crafting and designing.  </p><p>As you know, this morning dawned to a day where there are no boss spawners or the GGGGG collections to choose from.  This is an extreme disappointment.  Instead of finishing my dungeon with flair (Frosty Feracious Funhouse of Fear), you'll see places where I just packed it up since it felt like I lost my way.  I pub'd to edit, pulled, fixed, then replaced.  My goal was to build a chapel with pews FULL of bosses, with an ETA of a month to get enough tokens to do it.  Now, it's just blah.  I know I can adventure to find them, but one thing that I love about EQ2 is you can play as a crafter or adventurer.  I don't want to leave New Halaas, I just want to design.</p><p>Remember back in the day when you could choose to play as an adventurer or crafter?  Things were a lot tougher for crafters back then, and you have done wonders to fix that.  Please give me back the option to grind for those tokens for making bigger and better things.</p><p>This also brings to mind several issues that are really hard to cope with.  I'm sure you've seen them in several posts already, but here are my top issues.</p><p>1) I created additonal floors using tile placement.  Mobs fall through them, and they are NOT LOS blockers.  It made for some amusing pulls, but that was not how it's designed.  If you look at my first two rooms, you can see how they are empty without the mobs that I had to remove, since no adventurer found Mob Rainstorms very funny.  They are decorated, but empty without the mobs.</p><p>2) A feature to incorporate pitch and roll would be fantastic.  They have Layout Designer, but that is incredibly hard to use.  I'd rather shave my legs with a lawnmower than attempt that again.  Perhaps using the Alt button to pitch would help.  We have to design our own stairs as of now, and a pitched over ladder would help that tremendously.  My next design idea can not be accomplished without those, since I plan to make a recreation of the starship Enterprise.  The old one, not that crappy TNG one.</p><p>3) Last but not least, basic triggers and events.  I doubt those will ever happen, so perhaps being able to build teleporters after beating an area.  Referring again to my FFFF map, the first two rooms are great as initial challenges, but having to run them more than once to rejoin the fight after death is no fun.  Perhaps the ability to build tunnels out of them would be nice, for example:  Unit X crosses this point.  Point Y is now opened for faster transit between A and Z for unit X. </p><p>This point would become moot if #1 concern were fixed.  As you can see in FFFF (room three), I worked around the issue by building the maze off the floor and people could run under it to the next battle.  However, in the Hedge Maze and initial zone-in room, doing the same thing would utterly ruin the challenges of the rooms.</p><p>I can only imagine the horrors that using placeable tunnels would make, so I won't even suggest it.</p><p>Please think about these options.  I appreciate you fixing the ratings system.  </p><p>I'm going to put this in a post now, in case you can't answer PMs.  Either way, an ETA or just an advisement to my suggestions would be appreciated.</p><p>Sincerely, </p><p>Me</p>