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12-14-2011, 07:19 PM
<p>Regular, Legendary and Fabled, are all the same.</p><p>Compared side by side:</p><p>Same stats, same auto attack damage, same crit chance, defense, mit, avoidance..</p><p>Same hit points, same power.</p><p>(regen varies just a little... 1109, legendary 1114 and fabled at 1118 out of combat) all drop to 6 in combat, so no difference there</p><p>Yes, they claim the diffence is in the abilities, but really now.. lets compare :</p><p>Broken Tusk Warrior  has</p><p>1. Area 501-834 dmg,</p><p>2. "howl of anger" reflective damage of 152-254 + mit 500</p><p>3. Interrupt/ Taunt</p><p>4. 365-493 damage</p><p>Compare to Fabled Mystic Guardian</p><p>1. Area Stun (no damage)</p><p>2. "Darning" - Decrease atk speed 100, + Mit 500</p><p>3. "Mystic Slam"  2 hits for 324-439 each</p><p>4. 365-493 damage hit</p><p>So guardian has no taunt, decreased attack speed on mit buff, but an extra hit to press. </p><p>Now, for the 'Fabled" Avazek Challenger</p><p>1. Area 501-834</p><p>2. "Golden Talon Strike" 3 hits for 130-175  (do the math, thats less than the guardians two hits for 324 each)</p><p>3. Interrupt/Threat</p><p>4. Increase atk speed of 60 (persistant buff with steady power drain)</p><p>The mobs in the end, do the same amount of damage, based on their power bar.</p><p>The ONLY one I have found that has any real improvement over the free avatars, is the Dreadknight.</p><p>Same as the 'fabled' avazek challenger, but instead of the power draining atk speed, its got a tap that deals 1108-1847 dmg and self heals for 10 percent of hps.  Its a slow recast time, but can usually get two off in a pull of 4 mobs.  With all toons power drained, and relying on the same auto attack, that extra 20 percent of health is the only real advantage.</p><p>So save your tokens and skip the fabled in the sc, at least until they make fabled, well, better than common.</p>

12-14-2011, 07:55 PM
<p><cite>ZullieZevize wrote:</cite></p><blockquote><p>Broken Tusk Warrior  has</p><p>1. Area 501-834 dmg,</p><p>2. "howl of anger" reflective damage of 152-254 + mit 500</p><p>3. Interrupt/ Taunt</p><p>4. 365-493 damage</p></blockquote><p>Those are the Drolvarg Shadowknight's spells, not the Brokentusk Warrior. Both are free though.</p>

12-14-2011, 10:19 PM
<p>Given the need to balance the avatars against the mobs, I wouldn't have expected the avatars acquired with dungeon marks to be more powerful.  I'd expect them to look different and have a different set of skills.  Different but not more powerful.</p>

12-15-2011, 02:19 AM
<p>Regardless of the concerns for balance, there are clearly avatars which are on top. These avatars are typically fighters, but some healers fit into it as well.</p><p>Scout avatars, fabled or not, are not good at all. Fighters do more damage and have more survivability.</p><p>The same goes for mage avatars. Their 'support' abilities only last a couple of seconds at best, which is laughable considering the huge drop of damage compared to fighters.</p><p>But back on topic, thank you for the warning. I was thinking of getting a fabled avatar, but perhaps I'll change my mind. 720 tokens is a lot to spend for a different coat of paint.</p>