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12-14-2011, 03:03 PM
<p>Well... Just for fun I've decided to look at numbers from my own dungeon.</p><p>Final encounter. Boss (nayad shadownight) and 4 erudites from marketplace booster pack. Plus 1 of each available amplifiers. There were I myself and my guildmate, both playing as minotaur avatars.</p><p>So...</p><p>I've dealed <strong>18k </strong>damage. My guildmate have dealed <strong>19k </strong>damage.</p><p>Mighty and powerful boss (shadowknight, as it was said) dealed <strong>397 </strong>points of damage!!! <strong>373 </strong>of them was her autoattack. Other <strong>24 </strong>points was a reactive damage from SK's self-buff "Innoruk Caress". She received about 8k damage and died. What a miserable death, I should say...</p><p>I'm playing SK as my main, and it's really pity to see that result. Just for comparsion... When I looks at my own parser results, the most damage I'm dealing by my cool AOE skills, and autoattack is never more than 10% of all damage dealed. Also, SK have a lifetaps, so sometimes I can heal myself - not much, but nevertheless. That's 2 most significant features of SK - AOEs and lifetaps. That creature have none of them. So, I want to ask - why at all they called it a shadownight???</p><p>Her bodyguards (4 erudites, don't remember exactly their classes, but I'm completely sure that they are not even "elites") have dealed 4300 points, what means that in average each of them was about 3 times more effective in combat that so called "boss".</p><p>Well, I understand, that SK isn't a greatest DPS, but... 397 damage points while having 8k health??? Don't forget - she was a "boss", that IMHO should mean, that she is one of the most tough and powerful creature in a whole dungeon...</p>

12-14-2011, 08:11 PM
<p>OK, things are not SO terrible, sorry. Seems like that time we have killed "boss" first, and then finishing with erudites. I've run another test and that time firstly taken out bodyguards. Their damage - 3k, her damage - 2k. And she uses not only autoattack, but also some SK's tricks, like siphon strength etc. However, autoattack still 86% of all damage.</p><p>That's better, but I still have no feeling that she is a <strong>BOSS</strong>. After all, last time she allowed to kill herself a bit too quick!</p>