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12-13-2011, 02:45 PM
<p>I just wanted to chime in with some possible future addtions to this feature. First, let me say that I used to play CoH and CoV. They have a similar "Mission" creator. I won quite a few awards for my efforts, and got a lot of nice emails from folks commenting on my missions. But enough about that....</p><ul><li>A "quest giver" in the menu (same menu as where you select the dungeon), can be an avatar of sorts that will give dialog about the dungeon so that people have some sort of idea of what is coming.</li><li>Upon completing a quest, you have the option of going to the same "quest giver" and either doing the quest again, or moving on to the next stage of the quest, similar to the "Story Arc" system in City of Heroes, thus creating the anticipation of what is next.</li><li>If a "story arc" type of system is completed, you get a random reward generated from a large list created by the devs, which could include appearance gear or something of that effect.</li><li>Allow the dungeon creator the option to change the challenge rating of each specific mob. Default would be equal level. However, you have the option to either made it arrow down or one of the heroic levels. This can make "boss" encounters actually boss encounters. </li><li>Allow the dungeon creator to add "notes" in a text field when their dungeon is selected to give information about the dungeon.</li><li>Allow the players to give text reviews that others can evaluate. This can weed out people who are being judged unfairly and others will see what people actually think about the dungeon.</li><li>Allow the creator to add emotes to static mobs, such as dancing, being sick, lying down, etc....</li><li>Have a "blank canvas" dungeon where you can literally make the layout 100% unique. The drawback, longer load time for the first time someone enters the dungeon. However, the benefit outweighs the drawback by far.</li></ul><p>I will leave it at that for now, but I have loads of ideas I'd like to share as this new feature moves on. Definately need to increase the amount of dungeons a player can have published right away, however. Feedback?</p>

12-13-2011, 04:40 PM
<p>I would like to have the ablity to make dungeons that are 'easy', 'normal' or 'hard' and have the mark reward reflect the dungeon lvl.</p>

12-13-2011, 08:25 PM
<p>rez message should be changed in dungeon so as to not be the default 'waiting for a player...' since there are no rezzers in the avatars</p>