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<p><span style="font-size: small;">Alfs Cleanup</span></p><p><span style="font-size: small;">Unrest </span><span style="font-size: x-small;">(Im not sure if maps are server global)</span></p><p><span style="font-size: x-small;">Token Count 100+</span></p><p><span style="font-size: x-small;">Group/Solo'ish</span></p><p>My goal was to create a dungeon which would take about an hour to run through which awarded about 100 tokens and XP.  This dungeon run time was calculated on a single player.</p><p>The complexity is around medium.  In order to maintain momentum and count it was necessary to ensure correct distances between pulls.  This of course meant little leeway if groups made the mistake (or preferred) to grab multiple packs at once.</p><p>Here is what I used to acheive pulling.</p><p>1) I used a wooden plank and stretched it between the two mob packs or sets.  This gave me an effective ruler for calculating space and agro.</p><p>2) I used the following ruleset to determine pack density.</p><ul><li>Standard mobs. 3 (This gives a near death experience for a tank adventurer)</li><li>Elite mobs and boss 2 ( This also takes into account power, and lessor boosters)</li><li>The lessor awareness boost was never used as it complicated my pull zone. Of course I could have created a second plank.  Planking anyone?</li><li>When a patrol pack was used which met another pack only 2 standard or 1 elite pack was statically set.  This is to account for a bad or aggro pull providing only a single patrol pack was set.</li><li>Streaming packs.  The amount is set by calculation. This is a multiple of 2 monsters per stopping point.</li></ul><p>Patrol Pack start  (5)  --------------------Point 1 (1 Standard Mob)---------------  Point 2(1 Elite) ------ Point 3 (1 standard Mob)</p><p>                                <------Path - ------>2 Pat Mobs < -----Path--------------->1 Pat Mob<--Path-> 2 Pat Mobs</p><p>Streaming mobs were used to build the XP gain and provide a nuisance to the zerg groups.  Of course they can also be used to increase kill time for full groups.</p><p>Some things which were problematic</p><p>Flavour text</p><ul><li>It is random but you can increase your chances by repeating the text by adding it in more than once.</li><li>An interface is needed to display the flavor texts in game and which mob they are assigned to for editing.</li><li>You should be able to edit text but cannot.</li><li>You can add in text more than once including the same category or another.</li><li>Colours would be cool.</li><li>Emotes would be better.</li><li>Guaranteed text triggers needed.</li></ul><p>The BIG thing about creating a dungeon is the lore or theme.  Sadly at this time we do not possess the tools to tell the story leaving a very large gaping hole in its implementation.</p><p>A good example on Unrest is the Harrison Jones series written by Allure.  After a few runs I found it is fast, funny and well themed.  Sadly a lot is missed on your journey through due to the random nature of the Flavor texts.  A tick box is badly needed so that makers can flag to text to always be said.  A lot of story, clues and potential is lost when we cannot deliver adventures information to intrigue and involve our player base. </p><p>I was suprised that the developers would miss this function out after so many years in dungeon design themselves.</p><p>Agro</p><ul><li>Agro management was used in two ways.</li><li>I used rugs to clue in areas which could be used for pulling mobs.</li><li>If you look carefully dungeon items are placed to assist on the timing of pulls in a closed in space.  </li><li>I used a lumber to ensure safe pulling distances.</li><li>I found the agro management tools were non existant. A function in the placement indicating a green ring for normal agro radius, a yellow for 1 lessor box, orange for 2 lessor box's and red for 3 lessor box's would be ideal.</li></ul><p>Lessor Box's and effects.</p><p>These are invaluable.  I am hoping by their name we will have the option to purchase upgrades later.</p><ul><li>You can have a total of 3 of each in your dungeon.</li><li>They can go anywhere.</li><li>They stack.</li><li>They are invisible to players.</li><li>You can have more than one type in the room.</li><li>You can have multiples of the same type in one room.</li><li>They each have their own challenge rating.  If you wanted a slaughter fest stack them all in one room!.</li></ul><p>Mob Assist</p><p>All mobs assist each other in the radius so far. I have tested  each combination in my toolbox and have yet to find a combination where one race will not assist the other.</p><p>Containers in dungeons</p><p>Nope.  The one in the market place is a bag for your character.</p><p>Marketplace</p><p>Perhaps a bug, but if you purchase more than one spawner booster pack you only get the one awarded.  I have a petition in progress.  I set the number to four and received the standard 5 limited mobs plus 2 adventurors.</p><p>Layouts. Previews of the market place layouts would be nice. Or is that working as intended :p</p><p>Monsters</p><ul><li>Pre-defining mob names needed.</li><li>Waypoints for patrols.  PLEASE!!</li><li>Pathing. Mobs love the shortest path and they take them. Straight through anything that gets in their way.  This includes solid dungeon walls, room dividers and anything else that they dont like.  Keep patrol paths set to the straightest possible paths.  Also keep your placement of patrol packs im a spot which makes your path their desired path.</li></ul><p>Triggers.</p><p>Please give us event triggers one day such as.</p><ul><li>Better control of when patrol packs start their journey.</li><li>Switches for objects</li><li>Events for triggers.  Example.  Floor trigger which starts a patrol pack.</li><li>Flagable mob behaviour.  Passive, aggressive, lore (untargetable) and defensive. </li></ul><p>Dungeon Layouts, Items and Effects</p><ul><li>Light dimmer objects to customise lighting</li><li>Doors</li><li>Traps</li><li>Teleporters  (no one way ones to prevent player trapping)</li><li>Add the exit code which awards tokens and XP to the start portal.  Often a dungeon may be badly designed and the only way out is the green portal which does not award acquired XP or tokens.</li><li>An arena layout which will allow adventurer PVP</li><li>A way to rename your map</li><li>Map Description would be nice. A text boss so we can have our own 'patch' notes would be cool.</li></ul><p> EDIT: 13 Dec.  I moved the exit portal to the entrance in case players needed to leave early.  Leaving via the entrance portal does not award player XP or tokes which I feel is grosely <sp> unfair.</p><p>In this particular dungeon I now have 2 physical paths using a barrier and dungeon items to direct the group or party.</p><p>Group path</p><ul><li>This path leads down a blocked corridor which activates a Skeleton Pilgrimage.  By blocking the corridor the group still uses the solo path but gains a substantial challenge and XP/Token reward.</li><li>A soloing player can still activate the pilgramage but needs to pull back to the entrance rug and perform some well time tag pulls. </li><li>In order to warn the solo player to go east I added several <strong>Battle Flavor Texts </strong>in theme with the game to clue in the character of their weaker party.</li></ul><p>Solo path</p><ul><li>The rat race is activated when you close the start officials.  Again <strong>Battle Flavor Texts </strong>were used to indicate to the players that when the crossed the start line they need to RUN with the rats or get crushed.</li><li>Once outside the rats become manageable by a group or solo player.</li></ul><p>The use of Patrol points to acheive success and balance</p><ul><li>Patrol points for the large pack were set using  my agro ruler (the plank).  This involved using the toolbox-->placed tab.  </li><li>Place the monsters in a room in sets of 2. If you stack them in a heap they will travel in a solid line and pulling from the pack will not be easy.</li><li>Calculate the number of mobs and divide by 2.  I have around 48 skeletons in the pilgramage.  This gave me 24 patrol points along their path to stop.  By staggering the patrol points you use distance to split your pack.</li><li>Using the toolbox I traveled to each spawn point by clicking on each mob on the list and clicking the patrol button.  I acheived single packs by randoming clicking through the mob sets and setting patrol points.  </li><li>Because I set them up in 2's the random selecting from the toolbox splits these duo packs once again giving a very random experience</li><li>The same procedure was used for the rat race.  Because I set the patrol points outside in the large room the rats pour down the corridor giving the illusion of an infestation.  This works in with the theme of the Alf. </li><li>Once outside the rats move to their patrol points and become manageable.</li></ul><p>Well, thats all I can think of at this time.  I hope this helps someone out there.</p><p>I will edit more as I receive PM's, comments or work on the dungeon.</p>

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<p>*bump*</p><p>A guide to DM'ing...  Need more info and I know I will be referring to this!</p>

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<p>Thank you for the bump.</p><p>I have added in a bit more and will continue as I find things to share. Thanks also for the PM's asking me to rename the title.  Have done so by request</p>