View Full Version : 1st steps to fixing pvp

11-11-2011, 10:17 AM
<p>The biggest issues in my mind are gear disparity, mount speed, and certain combat abilities such as flurry and multi attack in pvp. </p><p>What we need is a pvp inventory window like the appearance one that we put pvp gear in.  Have one set of pvp gear that everyone gets for free or very little coin, armor, jewelry, and weapons.  The incentive for gear upgrades would be adornments that make slight differences in damage, mitigation, healing, etc.  The combat numbers for pvp would all run through these pvp weapons and armor.  This would help level the  playing field from a purely combat standpoint.  There is too big a range between someone hitting with hm raid weapons, and newer 90's in their legendary attire.  Any fiddling with the combat system while still allowing this exceedingly wide chasm between hm gear and 90 newb gear to exist would be futile as you would go from the one shotting now, to people being unkillable.  Gear for pvp needs to fall within a somewhat tight range from top tier to bottom tier to be managable, and give developers some level of control.  You could also argue the disparity between apprentice and master skills, and that for pvp perhaps abilities expert and above should hit for expert damage while those at adept and below should hit for adept damage in pvp only to bridge this chasm somewhat.</p><p>Many people have called for the removal of flyers, hoppers etc.  Another alternative would be to not have mount speed disable when pvp combat is present.  The issue is the ability for those to run away who have not engaged because of once again a disparity, this time in movement speed between those in combat and those out of combat.  Allowing pvp combat to exist without disabling mount speed is a different approach to rectifying that disparity.  As long as everyone is moving around at the same speed whether it be 0 run bonus or 130 run bonus, they are still moving at the same speed and people can't just run away.  At some point you would make contact with them and disable their ability to fly or hop.</p><p>The flurry and multi attack damage is another way that disparity in damage manifests itself.  I am somewhat a fan of these abilities even though my toons aren't yet really capable of utilizing them and they are usually a great cause of my personal demise as a pvper.  I think though if we had the pvp gear on at all times and being used for combat math as stated above minor tweaking could be done to these abilities like making max multi attack or flurry at once per swing for pvp or something of that nature rather than allowing multiple ma's and flurries per swing.</p><p>Just some thoughts, but really I see no way to bring fun back to pvp as long as these disparities exist.</p>