View Full Version : Reasonable changes to be made to the current Free 2 play model.

11-10-2011, 10:08 PM
<p><p>My 2 cents on what should be changed.</p><p>If silver accounts can not equip legendary items it’s going to affect people at all levels.  With the changes recently made to items most items found in instances and dungeons are legendary. So why play though content to get gear you can't use? Sure it might get some to upgrade, but imo silver accounts should be able equip legendary.</p><p>Silver Members should be $5 or 500 SC every 12 months, not lifetime.</p><p>Broker</p><p>Free - Able to purchase items.</p><p>Silver - Able to purchase items and list 20 items for sale at normal price (no 10% discount)</p><p>Gold - Current system</p><p>Armor</p><p>Free - Equip to Master Crafted</p><p>Silver - Equip Legendary</p><p>Gold - Current System</p><p>Classes</p><p>Everyone should be able to by any class they want to play.</p><p>Races</p><p>Everyone should be able to play any race they want (Freeblood purchased via station cash).</p><p>Housing</p><p>Free - One house located normally in one of the starting cities.</p><p>Silver - One normal house, 3 special houses.</p><p>Gold - Current System.</p><p>Customer Service</p><p>Free - Direct support with only, Market Place transactions, Stuck character, Harassment, Fraud.</p><p>Silver - Direct support with only, Market Place transactions, Stuck character, Harassment, Fraud, ServerGame Related issues.</p><p>Gold - Current Petition system</p><p>Character Slots</p><p>Free - One</p><p>Silver - Four</p><p>Gold - Eight</p><p>Coin Limitations</p><p>Free - 55 gold per level = 49.5 plat at level 90 (current system is only 450 gold 4.5 plat at level 90).</p><p>Silver - 222 gold per level = 199.8 plat at level 90 (current system is only 1800 gold 18 plat at level 90).  The current system only allows them to barely purchase the following items at level 90, expert spells, rare harvestable components, white adornments.</p><p>Gold - Current System</p><div></div></p>

11-10-2011, 10:11 PM
<p>With the changes you suggest there is really no reason to have the silver account, the only distinguishing piece remaining is whether you want master spells and fabled gear.</p>