View Full Version : The worst PvP fight you did, when noone but you is responsible for its failure. Your own epic fail.

08-31-2011, 08:30 AM
<p>Hello,</p><p>What is the worst PvP fight you ever did? The time you tricked yourself, have chosen unwisely your strategy, were clearly not inspired? No other players faults are involved into your defeat: only yours.</p><p>What is the biggest PvP defeat you encountered this way?</p><p>Allow me to begin.</p><p>I was a 34 Coercer entering Antonica for a WF. I was a bit disturbed not having any pet with me and around were only low level mobs. For the little use it would be, I have chosen a mystic gnoll of level 12 to join me and I charmed it.</p><p>At a time during the WF, I was chased by opponents and was running on my horse.... to find me going really slowly. I'd expected being at 130% speed, but it wasn't that. It wasn't even 0%.</p><p>My mystic gnoll had broken his charm - how could he dare being 22 levels lower than me? - and more than that, succeed in casting a slow spell on me. I was again red to him, but the curse landed and I was walking at -15%.</p><p>I was destroyed by my opponents.</p><p>I hope they shared few of my money with the gnoll.</p><p>Sargonnath.</p>